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    No reverse and forward doesn't move till 2300 rpm

    yes they are you'll need to change them
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    No reverse and forward doesn't move till 2300 rpm

    if they both have the 4.2 yes they should swap out ok
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    No reverse and forward doesn't move till 2300 rpm

    machanical failer wont set a code in this transmission like i mention earlyer i see this alot most likely its a clutch problem in the 3/4 clutches that why it pulls hard and no reverse
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    No reverse and forward doesn't move till 2300 rpm

    we are here to help this is what i do for a living i build transmissions i have seen this but it is most likely going to have to come out to fix the first set of clutches at the bottom of the case is low and reverse but reverse also has a drum and what i have seen is the 3/4 clutches will weld...
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    transfer case

    Check for Power At the Motor acuator if got power if not its a fuse or a power from switch to relay poblem if power ok could be the motor assembly
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    reverse issue

    its the reverse band broken and the snap ring is common you either have a A500 Or A518 transmission transmission has to come out to fix reverse band but yes you can do the OD unit in truck but id pull it out and get a shop to fix the transmission
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    Gear oil in the wrong filler plug

    i have a rule of thumb here when in dout drain it out . i believe that might be a test port for pressure but i cant get any info for you but if you drain the cvt fluid out and flush it good you should be ok ALL Data show 3 pressure plugs on the driver side of case just behind the bell housing
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    TH125C/3T40 Problems

    ok i have had a issue like this at my shop and after adding a extra Quart of fluid it worked fine it will read over full on dip stick but that is fine will not hurt anything try this and let me know
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    Transmission will not respond. No noises, no response

    SOUNDS LIKE THE PUMP OR CONVERTER take cooler line off at radiator and see if fluid comes out when running
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    Harsh Downshift 2007 Fusion AWD

    look for codes in tcm also check the motor and transmission mounts
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    lock up in and out

    ok problem fixed come to find out there was a cross leak in the pump causing it to drop out put new pump and problem solved
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    Tranny only responds sometimes and only worked for about a quarter mile

    first off have you check fluid level in nuetral if ok you need to check for transmission codes and check live data pay close attention to govenor pressure and commanded pressure
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    Possible tranny problem

    you did state in the post that the O/D light flashing so there should be a code in the transmission side of the computer
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    lock up in and out

    ok guys sorry havent checked in but was busy building a few transmission busy week yes i have 3 top notch scanners i also have ease diagonstic system with the reprogramer i have to do alot of reprogramming with the new transmissions with the TCM on valve bodys i should have vehicle back monday...
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    Possible tranny problem

    you need to have the codes read then i can help this should be in the transmission forum but i'll check back in