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    mysterious moving lift chair

    My pops lift chair will move a little at a time until it is in the fully reclined position all on its own even with no one sitting in the chair or near the switch. I know its a great post for Halloween but its the truth. Had sunday dinner with my moms preacher and he wanted to take a nap before...
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    total brake failure

    Ok, i thought it might be as you said, could be that fluid under pressure that was spraying up under floor pan. In your second diagram you will see that between the circled numbers of one and two the rectangular peice on underneath side of floorpan and that was wet but since you stated that all...
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    total brake failure

    Cant upload pics all of a sudden because im getting error message saying uploaded file does not have an allowed extension
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    total brake failure

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: plymouth MODEL: grand voyager YEAR: 2000 MILES: 204,000 ENGINE: 3.3 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... i experienced total failur , when i started my short little trip down the street it seemed as though i would have brakes at one stop and then not at the...
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    ? about different brands of serpentine belts

    A question in general about types of serpentine belts: would like to know what the difference is in how a polly ribbed serpentine belt and V belt- serpentine belt are constructed and how that differece relates to how they will perform
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    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: plymouth MODEL: grand voyager YEAR: 2000 MILES: 204,000 ENGINE: 3.3 DESCRIBE ISSUE....just want to make sure i have researched my troubleshooting info right on this: ive done the water trick in order to isolate this noise to determine if i...
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    non running poulan self propelled

    Problem was :fixed: once i cleaned carb
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    tires squeal on blacktop surfaces

    Im kinda late on this post but my findings are that there is very minimal if any real squeal on other blacktops- im suspecting they are not really resurfacing the blacktop but actually treating or sealing or something and maybe thats a cause but i dont know much about laying blacktop or how the...
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    non running mower

    Problem :fixed: after i cleaned the carb im running, i will need to replace my fuel line from tank because my vice grips cut into it when i tried to pinch closed- i put a little hand towel around fuel line before pinching closed but the metal jaws of the vice grips still cut into it and gouged...
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    ? about passing eye mirrors

    I just recently sold a passing eye mirror on ebay that did pretty well for just a garage sale purchase and it just got my curiosity up about what type of automobiles would have been manufactured with such a mirror or if these mirrors were some kind of after market thing. See pic
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    using clp

    Wondering if its ok to soak a lawnmowers carb in clp- i am cleaning my lawnmowers carb, spraying it out with carb cleaner and i wanted to know if it would be good or bad to soak it in clp. I have a good amount of the stuff and we used it a lot in cleaning our m16s when i was in the marines and...
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    Tell me it isn't so

    I have spent most of my life in Kansa City Mo and its pretty good for travel because i can drive just about anywhere from anywhere in not much more than half hour. I would say that when i spent time in sandiego ca. The people seemed pretty cool for a big population and the weather is as good...
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    non running mower

    Thanks i will follow that advice
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    non running mower

    MOBILE Dan the first 2 pics look very close to my carb but not identical can they vary a little?
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    non running poulan self propelled

    Billr i was told by someone that maintains service for rural king that the screw on the angled side of the bowl was so that you could drain fuel out of it without having to remove that bowl and just only remove the srew so i guess thats it s purpose