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    2003 trailblazer trans not shifting corectly and reverse not working

    Make sure you flush the cooler and lines. I'll assume you're replacing the torque converter? Most specialty tools you can fabricate from common materials. You may have to pick up or borrow a couple of things.
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    2003 trailblazer trans not shifting corectly and reverse not working

    Not terribly, but you'll want to be doing a rebuild while you're in there. Metal from the splines will be throughout the trans.
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    2003 trailblazer trans not shifting corectly and reverse not working

    No reverse, no second, no fourth gears. Sounds like a stripped reaction sun shell. Salvage yards keep cross reference books as far as the interchange question.
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    Bmw e46 320d

    P0C00 - Drive Motor 'A' Current Low Possible causes Faulty Hybrid Vehicle Motor Assembly Hybrid Vehicle Motor Assembly harness is open or shorted Hybrid Vehicle Motor Assembly circuit poor electrical connection What does this mean? Possible symptoms: Engine Light ON (or Service...
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    Factory radio turns up volume unassisted

    This feature was not supposed to be available on Super Duty. Having said that, I did some poking around on the Ford truck forums and found a reference to some speed sensitive radios being installed in Super Duty models. Whether at the factory or in a subsequent radio swap, I don't know. Try the...
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    No rear turn signals

    Does it have a trailer harness? I've traced more than a few odd, rear lamp only issues back to scotch locks and butt splices in trailer harnesses.
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    03 Impala 3.8L hole in upper intake

    I hope you did some digging into the root cause of that converter failure. If not, you may see this one again.
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    2007 Ram 3500 Trans Troubles

    I second Jasper for both engine and transmissions.
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    1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Gas- Transmission help needed BAD!

    If a new filter "Fixed" this transmission, I have to wonder how much debris was in the pan > getting sucked into filter >causing no fluid/no movement. Then I'd be wondering where all that debris came from. ETA: I see nickb2 already covered this, but it's worth repeating.
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    clutch issue?

    Yeah, I looked at them. Haven't had the stones to ride one yet because I'm afraid I might want one. I refuse to buy a new HD engine the first year on the market, but, everyone I know that has ridden one says they are amazing.
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    clutch issue?

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    How to disable speed governor?

    You dredged up a 9 year old thread to rant about it? And I'll assume you drive a truck "professionally". Excellent, a road raging long haul otr driver...what could go wrong?
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    clutch issue?

    Is this a new site policy or a penalty on you for excessive bandwidth consumption?
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    What Controls Idle Speed on Fuel Injected Engines, 2001 Mercury Sable Idle Speed Failure

    Also perform an obvious visual check for vacuum leaks. Make sure the air inlet tube or snorkel is secured at both the air box and throttle body.
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    2012 Ford F250

    Look into BG products.