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    2004 Honda Accord LX single cd player backlight off

    I doubt anyone will have an answer because (as I am sure you know) most people just replace the entire radio for around $100-200 since it is easier and less expensive than to pay for the repair. I do understand that you want to fix it yourself and I applaud you for that, so lets hope somebody...
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    1997 ford e150 with 5.4 shifts to OD to soon

    Sounds normal and OK. Do you agree or do you still think there is a problem?
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    1997 ford e150 with 5.4 shifts to OD to soon

    What does hold on hills mean? And what changes? All I see above is adding Dr T.
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    Factory radio turns up volume unassisted

    Yes, I agree with Kev.
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    79 El Camino brake issue pedal goes way down

    I agree with all of the above advice. Should be easy to find the wet spot and fix it.
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    Outlook Acadia way to remove engine

    It would have to be free before I would want to dig into it and possibly discover major problems that would make it unusable like the one you took out.
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    lincoln town car 1996 no brakes

    Pedal to the floor?
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    Whirring sound coming from the front end

    After you do Nick's test, you can also put one front wheel up at a time with a good jack stand under the frame and take it up to speed to see if the noise is on one side or the other or the same on both sides.
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    Whirring sound coming from the front end

    Can you make the noise by reving the engine while parked? Or does the car have to be moving?
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    Odd question from my uncle. Kit Kar??

    All the ones I have seen and driven are WAY to much work and never turn out to be a good running, steering, etc. car. If you have to ask about them, then I suggest you have no idea about how difficult and expensive they can be. They are for the serious hobby builder. Then when they are...
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    1997 ford e150 with 5.4 shifts to OD to soon

    And in my experience it will get better with time. Keep the faith.
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    new\used laptop pissing me off

    Nice going. I have been known for my patience, but you take the cake.
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    CV joints 05' Corolla

    Your description of thumping and 35 mph makes me want to suggest a bad tire. Replace each wheel and tire with the spare, one at a time, and see if the problem disappears.
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    CV joints 05' Corolla

    Or just jack up one side at a time and run the wheel that is not on the ground.
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    Brake issue with '01 Jimmy

    Very interesting. Thanks for letting us know.