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    I like Kev's suggestion. I think Cats usually fail completely, not intermittently.
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    Opinions on drilled and slotted rotors

    I agree with nickb2 above. I was hesitant to say anything because I also only have this as an opinion and not backed by any facts.
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    Storing 2015 Chevy Trax

    I used to use car covers. But now I feel they can do as much damage as good and simply wash the vehicle often. Not worth the expense and trouble for me.
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    Storing 2015 Chevy Trax

    I agree with grcauto.
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    2009 Cadillac DTS

    I think you will be fine. They do go bad and the newer the vehicle the worse the problem may be due to poorer quality metals being used in many electrical components. Enjoy your trip and do not worry too much about it.
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    2007 frontier Rear axle , how to find ratio

    As long as you are replacing it, the "for sure way" it to calculate the number of teeth in the ring gear and divide it by the number of teeth in the pinion gear, to provide you with a result to 1 ratio. For example, if the pinion gear has 41 teeth, and the ring gear has 11 teeth, the ratio...
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    2007 Briggs 17 1/2 hp lawn tractor Runs then starts jerking then quits.

    Nice going Bill and Bill. But just remember a pair of Bills will never beat a pair of Jacks.:cool:
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    A/C only works on MAX

    Here is my wild guess: I assume Regular air is to not recirculate, but to allow fresh air into the cabin through the A/C . But perhaps a blend door is actuating improperly and instead of opening the fresh outside air it is opening the heat door or some other blend door problem. I do not know...
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    97 caravan blinkers and ac blower both quit

    Could be one common fuse. Check that first.
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    2002 Pontiac Gran Prix 3.1 Valvetrain Clatter

    kev2-- could be. I do know they tore it down because I found a nice pro 10 mm socket still stuck on a bolt under the engine years later. It was not mine and the car has never been in any other shop since the repair. My guess is it really was a crank. Doesn't matter, it's history now.
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    2002 Pontiac Gran Prix 3.1 Valvetrain Clatter

    My 1998 Chevy Malibu 3.1 had a minor lifter or crank knock brand new when started for less than a minute . Being an ex factory rep I insisted on it being corrected. After much discusion, etc. they tore it down and had to replace the crankshaft and a rod. Of course, knowing dealers as I do...
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    Sonic coolant consumption

    Great to hear oil is OK. Most of us here like synthetic also. A lot less expensive than an engine overhaul. Bill's suggestion should be followed as a next logical step.
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    Sonic coolant consumption

    Of course it is supposed to be a "closed" system and not leak or be used up. So since you smell it under the hood but do not see any leakage, it may be leaking onto the exhaust and burning off before hitting the ground. If not that then perhaps a head gasket leak and coolant is being burned...
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    Chrysler Town and Country Noise

    You start with engine noise and then discuss what sounds like brake noise. Have you tried going down a slight incline at 5 mph with engine off to see if it is engine noise or brake noise.
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    NickD: You fascinate me with your knowledge. Even when I sometimes don't fully understand it or need to know I enjoy the detail and info that most of us have no way to obtain. Thanks for being here.