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    Storing 2015 Chevy Trax

    Michigan - that adds to the mix, lets get talking about this. Ideally use it, maybe every other Sunday to church, but I would think getting it moving regularly as opposed to sitting all that time- rolling the tires, the rotors, wheel seals getting some oil , etc etc... Talk to...
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    AC/Heat Blend Not Right

    suppliment - A aftermarket fix and description of a blend door issue... keep me posted.
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    AC/Heat Blend Not Right

    Hey Mike- no replies? sorry - how did this happen to a regular - there are 2 controllers one with common dials. and of course the EATC push button digital display. Most likely its a dial set up? my first thought is the heater water flow valve esp as you did the blend door actuator - that...
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    A/C only works on MAX

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    A/C only works on MAX

    I suspect temp blend door actuator.or heater flow actuator = read the differences in actuator position. heated core valve and blend door position- BUT max AC is a just fine cooling is improved. System Airflow Description — Manual Climate Control MAX A/C When MAX A/C is selected: The...
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    2002 Pontiac Gran Prix 3.1 Valvetrain Clatter

    JACK My 2¢ - A dealer's mindset, likely they had a crank and rod from a CPL and your model matched - sound likely to you?
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    Transfer case

    sorry takes forever to get answers on web forums ESPECIALLY when under the gun. I think you will be ok - the only way I can see to be sure, go to a online GM parts site, enter vin and get OEM part number they select against the item... ALSO I believe the speedometers (TCM/PCM) are all...
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    Transfer case
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    AC Repair

    every time you move key start vehicle the CEL should come on for @2 seconds then go out. Scans are often FREE at most auto part stores, auto zone advance auto, Orielys - FREE
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    this is an AF sensor code- calling it an o2 is ok but not the same troubleshoot bank 2 is the front bank. troubleshooting is detailed and requires a scanner, DVOM, wiring diagrams as well as component pin outs.... I cannot add that info. This sensor must come from ACURA if it must be replaced.
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    AC Repair

    AC normally cycle on and off. The compressor cycles on - HIGH builds and low falls, when the low drops to a predetermined reading it will kick off, waits for the low to once again reach PSI IIRC @ 40psi the system turns on and repeats.... An issue would be if the high pressure rose to high...
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    Fuel stabilizer
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    What is the problem with code number (u0029)

    year, make, model, engine, trans and color? Uxxxx would have me ask - Any modifications - audio, GPS anything electrical?
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    alternator charging, no voltage regulation

    hey Nick - sorry very short on time- this is a diagram I have for a 2015 - 200 3.6 - TRY a Hail Mary reset the BCM - old days just remove the IOD fuse now its disconnect battery.... then the tipm is where to start... then the field control VPWM grd... finally the intelligent battery connector...
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    2002 toyota camry p1346

    what are the other codes? there is likely NO way to check distance - the PCM is sensing the TDC of CKP and CMP and the degrees are not in range.... Have you had VVT issues? Both sensors are TOYOTA and not aftermarket?