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    Low oil pressure codes P0022- P0012-P0306-P0304

    how SURE there is as rod knock? I am an optimist.. I would work it till all hope is exhausted... with a mechanical gauge what is oil press? Pull coding plugs, maybe a misfire is the knock - excess fuel will knnock. add a detergent to oil risolone is my choice... the VVT are needing more oil...
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    Excessive oil use GM 2.4 Eco-Tec

    engine requires DEXOS be sure the documents mention that. there was a oil filter issue Part No# I think The TSB has been superseded several times the last Alpha character may be higher than my attachment character
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    Air Pressure at oil filler cap

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    Air Pressure at oil filler cap

    pressure in crank case is an indicator of blow by, RINGS starting to fail - depends on amt of blowby. I would check PCV system first then compression test
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    2015 Equinox low coolant in reservoir

    GM supplies it own sealer tabs - developed to fix that northstar leaker somehow my thoughts drift to those tablets. Dont jump to R&R radiator- do some checking; a radiator pressure tester is great - engines cold engine is off - safe and no chance of moving parts or burns. no fan air...
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    ABS light intermittently comes on and stays lit on startup.

    are you using a remote starter - ? thinking not energizing the ABS module all times, but with OEM installed remote I see this less and less, but was a first thought.. Ideally I would check FORD for TSB;s etc BUT my link is AFU today...
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    New Project '98 A604/41TE

    hope this helps
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    2000 Ford Explorer 5.0L Eddie Bauer running rough

    Have you checked fuel PRESSURE? the p1131 and p1151 are addressed AFTER correcting P030x codes. Do you have a scanner with live data? I am thinking fuel pump. Was there other codes ie coolant sensor. AC and coolant temp - the PCM will restrict AC if the ECT is not known, The codes are...
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    2007 Trail Blazer Reaccurring P0449 code

    simply put the PCM is not seeing 12v on the circuit...
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    2007 Trail Blazer Reaccurring P0449 code

    look at freezse frame - overall voltage and status of vent open or closed. the pcm ststus is not what PCM expected.... check connector at Vent - tight corossion free and some dielectric grease from a GM PIP/tsb.
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    Ground from hell.

    Hey nick: A 6L - remember when diesels were simple...? Anyway following your story, 1) What would happen if you backed it out shifted to Drive then walked into the throttle like you owned it instead of the teenage WOT? 2) when it stalls - any new or Pending codes register? PS ...
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    transfer case

    issues with TC are the internals 'locked'* or the electronics ....issues wiring. or so components fail, More questions than answers- one speed or two speed transfer case? Is the T'cse shifting, indicator says 2wd BUT stuck 4wd? have you checked CODES?- * torque locked - stays in 4wd.
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    my drinking buddies tell me to try this option use it to test only ;)- be sure to ck exhaust back pressure. try it for a year or so and let us know how test went.
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    unlikely it will work - AND it is illegal . suggest you trouble shoot cat code- often another issue causes the intermittent codes. A look at precat o2 sensor- fuel trims, etc....
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    HELP!! Trouble diagnosing acceleration stumble, 96, FORD, E350 van, 5.8, EFI EEC-IV, E4OD

    p0172 is only code? going lean and knock in eng - that could be a lean knock- fuel trims are double digit, right at the issue no issue limit, the o2voltage is .75 or 0 injector issue SWAG thinking fuel issue... there is a fuel pressure schraider valve on fuel rail, attach pressure...