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    2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac A/C Compressor making Noise

    My two cents...Sometimes a compressor pulley bearing will get quieter when clutch place is applied, because the plate creates a side load to the bearing and also adds support to keep it spinning at center (instead of being pulled off-center by belt tension). As others have suggested, remove...
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    Self installed dash indicator light burns out often

    I'm no electrical genius, but it might work to wire in another bulb (in series) to act as a buffer/resistor. You wouldn't have to mount the bulb, it could be behind the dash or somewhere.
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    1970 Ford Mustang Overheating

    Hot but no coolant movement in the radiator may mean that thermostat is not opening to allow flow.
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    Things that make you go hmmm!!

    Nickb2...In your "text that gets added to the bottom of every post you make", you might consider a disclaimer similar to "English is not my first language so if poor translation creates some sort of percieved offence, I will now apologize in advance."
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    HELP!! Trouble diagnosing acceleration stumble, 96, FORD, E350 van, 5.8, EFI EEC-IV, E4OD

    Check EGR flow, does engine stumble or stall when vac is applied manually? Snapshot three, temp is at 180, IAT is 167, VSS is 0. Are these reasons to drop out of closed loop?
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    What is that squealing sound? Squealing from Belts

    Pulley mis-alignment can be the cause of abnormal belt noise.
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    Opinions on drilled and slotted rotors

    I would advise to try rotors that are not "OEM technological marvels". Perhaps the "extra manufacturing step" helps unsold cars, but causes problems later as the rotor wears a little.
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    2009 Cadillac DTS

    Make a pin that is slightly fatter than the leg of the fuel pump relay and jam it into the appropriate hole (pin 30?) on the fuse panel, and you will likely have power to the door locks again. (yes, of course you will have to connect a powered wire to your fatter pin) I am just trying to offer a...
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    2002 Pontiac Gran Prix 3.1 Valvetrain Clatter

    I would disable one cylinder a a time to see how the noise was affected. Due to the "waste spark" design, simply removing a spark plug wire will essentially kill two cylinders, so the best way is to remove all wires (one at a time) from the coils and put a paper clip up into the plug wire end...
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    AC Repair

    Sometimes the line cracks at the raised part that presses against the o-ring. A new o-ring will not fix that leak.
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    Transfer case

    The concern about "front and rear axle have to be the same ratio" would only apply to the axles. The transfer case mostly has to match at all connecting points... trans, shafts, shifters, sensors, mounts.
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    Looking for vacuum hose routing for 2000 Blazer

    This is a link...
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    Looking for vacuum hose routing for 2000 Blazer

    Did you "click on the link" that I put in my previous reply? The harness goes four many of those places can you determine?