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    Non working horn

    Does that van have the "integrated horn switch/airbag" setup? I have never been able to fix that type of problem. Usually ended up installing a UHB (Universal Horn Button). A bad "horn pad" may not be your only problem.
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    clock springs

    The clockspring has a ribbon inside that winds (tighter) and unwinds (looser) as you rotate the steering wheel. But if it is not properly installed it will wind so tight that it will prevent the steering wheel from turning "all the way". So you think "Hmm, I just put this steering wheel on here...
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    Non working horn

    Another simple test, if you have a helper......listen/feel for relay click when horn button is pressed.
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    Ford diesel Rough idle

    All my years in auto repair and I never asked myself this question..."How do you do a compression test on a diesel if there are no spark plugs to remove?" Maybe glow plugs are removed?
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    2004 rear wiper wont shut off

    Testing for power at the GRY wire (gray) at the motor...there should be power (12 volts) there with rear wiper switch ON, no power with switch OFF. Test with connector removed from motor. If your 12 volt test light goes off and on in relation to the position of rear wiper switch, the switch is...
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    A/C Electrical ? 2005 Dodge Neon2.0

    BC said "I jumped the solenoid". By "solenoid" do you mean relay, pressure switch, or something else? If you jumped the low pressure switch to get it to work, you will likely need a new switch. 115 psi should be plenty to allow system operation. If your "solenoid" is a relay, you will need to...
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    A/C Electrical ? 2005 Dodge Neon2.0

    The A/C clutch relay terminals are connected to the vehicle electrical system through a receptacle in the power distribution center (PDC). The inputs and outputs of the A/C clutch relay include: The common feed terminal (30) receives a battery current input from a fuse in the PDC through a...
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    Turn on the ignition,all lights come on except the starter does not engage.

    Tip...add a wire to the "trigger" connection (the small wire) for easy diagnosis in the future. Make the wire long enough so that you can touch it to battery positive or similar to allow easy starter activation if starter trigger circuit fails at an inconvenient time.
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    Failed Buttons on Corolla HVAC Panel

    To get to the mountaintop, you must risk the dangers of narrow paths along a precipice. Bravery and skill combined, enjoy the view to which you climbed!
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    Turn on the ignition,all lights come on except the starter does not engage.

    When you turn the key to "Crank", do you hear a click noise from starter? If so, suspect starter. If no, suspect ignition switch or starter. If there is no click noise, try holding key at "Crank" for five or ten seconds...if it begins to crank, suspect bad starter or corroded connection.
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    New aftermarket GM radiator leak at trans cooler! It could be leaking due to a crack in the pipe at the "barb area". But, that would probably leak all the time, not only after a while. You might give some consideration to "angle of pipe entry". That setup...
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    New aftermarket GM radiator leak at trans cooler!

    When I have a problem like this, I will try to pinpoint the leak (tube to fitting, fitting to adapter, adapter to radiator) and then add an o-ring or maybe tape. Finding an o-ring to work requires consideration of what will happen when you tighten the fitting. The o-ring needs to end up being...
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    84 Monte Carlo stalled and would not restart.

    Recheck your new spark plugs to see if they are fouled again. If so, suspect too much fuel from carb, or incomplete combustion due to timing issue, low compression, or bad gas.
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    my Nissan frontier with the 2.4 motor is showing a code of P1402, just wondering what that might be?

    Suspect EGR valve or part of the EGR system...maybe transducer. How does the vehicle idle?
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    2012 Kia Forte camber bolts

    The cam bolt can be installed in the upper or lower hole....depending if you want the strut/spindle to lean "in more" or "out more". More than what, you ask? More than "center", which is where you would be if you had two fat bolts. Consider the egg. How tall is it? Without assistance, it is...