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    2002 Toyota Highlander_Transmission Fluid Leak

    As you consider the possibilities of leakage in this area, don't forget to factor in wind conditions inside the bellhousing. When the engine is running/revving, there is a whirlwind that can cause any fluid to do things more "active" than merely running down and across the bottom to leak out at...
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    6.7 RAM soot on air filter?

    Truck has a weird airbox....I suspect crankcase oil mist, turbo or EGR functions are pre-filter, not post-filter like most vehicles. Read comments for more info.
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    Radiator leak, MAYBE a head gasket problem

    Well, It sucks to have a defective new part when replacing it is a lengthy process. At least you know how to do the job (typically seems MUCH easier on the second go-round). The Dodge 3.3 / 3.8 engine is very robust, overheating does not (usually) cause head gaskets to fail. But radiator failure...
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    Radiator leak, MAYBE a head gasket problem

    Just read a short sentence that requires clarification. Mike said "NEW radiator." My first thought was that Mike meant that he had installed a NEW radiator...........but after re-reading, it seems likely that a full sentence would have said something like this "I'm thinking about replacing the...
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    Radiator leak, MAYBE a head gasket problem

    Mike said "and the new radiator was leaking in the same place". I could ask a buncha more guestions, but if the radiator is leaking, it will be difficult to find any other problem.
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    No heat in cabin

    When I cut into a hvac box, I usually use a thin blunt knife blade that I heat with a torch. I bend the blade to get into awkward areas. Get it red hot so that I can cut with delicate pressure, reheating often. Plastic melts, a metal core won't. If I am going in blind, I will make a small hole...
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    No heat in cabin

    If 1998 is the same, this video explains a lot.
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    Reading oil dipstick

    Full is top of the crossed lines. Also top hole. Clean dipstick until holes are not filled with oil. Insert/remove. many holes are full of oil?
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    Problem with paint at high tempertures

    Darn Autocorrect...I was trying to say "turkey", not "paint".
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    Problem with paint at high tempertures

    Every Thanksgiving I seem to have the same high temps it turns from pale yellow to golden brown. Gets a little "crispy"? Always seems to happen when it gets up to temp, which takes several hours at 350 degrees. Nobody but me seems to be alarmed by this. Why does this keep happening?
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    barely runs when cold

    Both of my Saturn S-series use oil without leaking or smoking. The exhaust smell does have an "oil note".
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    Shocks leaking?

    I consider shock oil to be comparable to engine oil. One quart low matters very little. Two quarts low, still OK. Three quarts low, start to suck some air when you accelerate. Do you see where this is going?
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    2004 Buick Ranier will not shift out of park

    Still fighting that starter? which engine do you have? 5.3 V8? That one is the tough one, need to remove the rear steering gear crossmember. Quite a few bolts hold that crossmember. Still a tight fit with 'member removed.
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    Question about brake calipers

    Glad to hear you got that handled. Your title for this thread is a good one, others may read through it in the future and find the answers to several common caliper problems.
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    Question about brake calipers

    You said "the bleeder screw was on the opposite side as the old one". Well. that's weird...location of the bleeder needs to be at the highest point of the fluid cavity when bleeding is performed so the all the air comes out. A "gotta made this caliper work" trick would be to flip the (unbolted)...