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    1988 chevy silverado 5.7 runs when cold as soon as it reaches temp it dies

    Sticky EGR valve, shut off when cold as another possible problem, AF ratio is very lean, engine dies.
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    loss of power steering and spedometer

    Lost EPS on my 2012 Chevy with less than a 1K mile on it, glad my tiny wife wasn't driving, she could not control it, took a lot of power to turn that wheel. EPA pushed this on us, to save the wrecking yards from recycling a couple pints of PS fluid, warranties are far greater than advertised...
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    Bogus codes from weak battery??

    Strong surge current when you hit the start button, okay switch the ignition switch to start. If the voltage drops to under 8.5 volts the PCM, ECU, or whatever you want to call it will not get a proper power on reset, to reset the program counter to zero. This has been a problem that really...
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    Oil in intake manifold

    Used to like Oldsmobile's, maybe why GM quick making them, last one was a 1993 with bad valve seals that was mostly pouring engine oil into the combustion chamber, some would leak into the intake manifold. But most of it when first starting up, smoke out the exhaust pipe. We replaced the valve...
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    Need wiring diagram for '67 Mustang

    Ha, my ex sure wanted a 1967 Mustang, called it her little pony, also wanted a new home with all the furnishings, busted my bank account so had to buy this thing on time. Before the 24th payment, was already pile of rust. What a pile of crap that car was, way over powered with a 289, poor...
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    Spark Plug Removal Aluminum Heads

    Four or five threads on Ford and other stick wide open in the combustion chamber that really carbon up, talk about being stupid. Dumping Seafoam helps to loosen that carbon up. PB Blaster sprayed into the wells also helps if you can loosen the plugs about a turn, take a break and let it soak...
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    High Energy Ignition, introduced in 1972 by Delco when Delco was a part of GM, only the V-8 had the coil in the cap, were external for the four and six cylinder engines. Was described as the easier cars to steal, just plug in 12V to that 12V terminal in the cap. Delco had to supply the...
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    See your 1990 has an EGR valve, vacuum thermostat opens it at around 160*F and this is when your engine is going crazy. Typical for GM a dual diaphragm, top port can check okay, no way to check the bottom one,, but apparently leaking causing your misfire. My 82 454 does not have one...
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    Non working horn

    Ha, that was all that was, the horn, now programming for different options, cruise, phone, and radio controls, and in this case, the airbag. Also have multiplexing, youngest daughter purchased a base model Kia Soul, no cruise. All I needed to do was to purchase a switch for 15 bucks, original...
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    Non working horn

    Ha, buy silver, supplies are running short and prices will skyrocket. Oxidizes is soft and arcs burn into it very easily, typically either brass or copper is used for the point material. Contact material they should use is tungsten, super hard, very arc resistant, does have a slightly higher...
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    Non working horn

    Call these a point contact relay, only takes one speck of arc to prevent contact, back in the 50's we were using relays for logic circuits, point contact was considered the most unreliable. Much better choice was a sliding contact relay, self cleaning contacts, most reliable was a mercury...
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    Shutting off during Hot weather

    Brings back some memories, bean counter special, 720 degrees in an ignition cycle, by firing two plugs at the same time 360 degrees out of phase, only required the crank angle sensor, cam angle was not required, this made the stock holders happy. For electronics, an ASIC was used, application...
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    Non working horn

    Check this for your airbag light.
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    Non working horn

    Consider auto horns a throwaway item, typical are two, Low Tone 370 Hz. High Tone 420 Hz, around ten bucks each. Well except the ones on my motorhome and boat, chrome plated and external mount. Those had screws on it so I could take them apart, clean the contacts and good to go again. Most...
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    2004 rear wiper wont shut off

    4WD's are sure popular up here with ice and snow, but any vehicle is worthless on ice, has several ice rains last season. All vehicles have 4 wheel brakes, often would see an SUV or pickup slid through a red light or a stop sign. Pickups are worse because they are running empty, no weight on...