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    Low clutch pedal, Saturn

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Saturn MODEL: Ion YEAR: 2004 MILES: 140,000 ENGINE: 4 cyk DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I put the clutch in for a customer and replace the master and slave cylinders. On this model the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder share the...
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    bleeding the slave and master cylinder

    MAKE: Saturn MODEL: Ion YEAR: 2004 MILES: 120,000 ENGINE: 2.2L DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I need to bleed the system. I read alldata and the TSB. I guess you just put a vacuum pump on the reservoir and it will such all the air out of the system after doing this a few times and refilling. Will this...
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    2000 Toyota Sienna low tire pressure light

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Toyota MODEL: Sienna YEAR: 2000 MILES: 162,000 ENGINE: v6 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... problem started with ABS coming on (only pump running) while driving and ABS engaging brake pedel every time you hit the brake. After a while ABS light...
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    Ford F150 2012 VVT

    This truck had a code P0024 I think. The VVT solenoid was replaced then the code came back and I was told the phaser is now the problem. I was told a bad VVT solenoid will cause the phaser to go bad. To me this does not sound right. Also I was told you have to replace the solenoid with the...
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    2001 Mack CH613 A/C system

    So I had to replace a hose that rubbed a hole in it. Which lead to replacing both hoses the expansion valve, drier, I flushed out the system then added oil and charged. The system seems to operate ok as far as the pressures on the gauges look to me. Around 30/245 on a 90 degree day. As the...
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    95 ford F150 compressor cycling 4.9

    I have a few questions maybe someone with more experience can help me with. I replaced the compressor on this truck because the clutch was worn out. Then I vacuumed and charged the system and added oil. I then noticed if you start the truck with the a/c turned on the clutch cycles on and off...
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    2005 Ford E-350 instrument cluster

    I have traced a battery drain problem and courtesy light problem to the instrument cluster. I called the dealer they said when they ordered a new one it would come programmed with the new odometer set to the right mileage. The they said I have to bring the van in anyway because the cluster had...
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    compression testing

    I read in a engine repair book that "a running compression test results at idle should be about 50 percent of the cranking compression results." Can anyone explain to me why. thanks Keith
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    2000 Dodge Ram V10 surges

    I am looking at this truck and it surges and backfires at times. Has no codes and seems to get worst the longer it runs. As you step into the pedal you might get nothing for a while, then surging, then when it is at the floor the truck will throws you back into the seat. Someone has hacked on...
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    2006 Chevy 3/4 ton 6.0L brake problem

    This truck has power steering assist, or hydraulic assist brakes. Plenty of stopping power. However, when rolling to a stop right before you stop, it seems like the power assist kicks in more and the brakes let up and the pedal falls a little. For the most part you would not notice it unless...
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    2000 Dodge Ram V-10

    On this truck I am trying to identify a part. These trucks have two coils on the right valve cover. One fires 4 cylinders the other 6 cylinders. Right behind them is a little black box with a single male spade terminal. It is about the size of a quarter, but square and black. On this truck...
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    Chevy Cobalt 2008 2.2L Code P128 coolant T-stat

    First I checked the coolant and replace the t-stat. Then the code came back. On the dash sometimes instead of reading the coolant temp like "180" I will get "---". I am thinking of replacing the coolant temp sensor. Any other thoughts?
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    2000 Dodge Ram Van 360 burn out coils

    This van has burned out 4 coils in 2 weeks. When I replaced the first coil I did a tune up at the same time. Thought the problem was fix, week later died again. Now if you replace the coil it will burn it out in less that five minutes. If you let the van sit with the key on the coil seems to...
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    bleeding brakes

    I am working on heavy duty equiptment with a brake system I am not framilar with. This system is a hydrolic brake system with an upper and lower wheel cylinder. The only bleeder screw is on the lower wheel cylinder in the upper port. If I bleed the brakes here will at the air come out of the...
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    2006 Chevy Silvarado 6.0L

    This is one of those trucks that came pre-wired for a brake controller from the factory. However, I have lost the signal to the controller from the brake switch (I am guessing) sends to the brake controller. So the trailer brakes are not working. The brake lights are working I checked fuses...
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    2008 GMC Acadia P0496 EVAP flow during non-purge

    Last week the truck had a code for an evap leak. I cleared that code tighten the gas cap and this one came back. I commanded the purge vavle on and off and it seems to be working unless it is sticking at times. Any ideas? 110,000 miles.
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    95 Toyota Camry Stumbles at idle

    This car has 137,000 miles on it. 2.2 L 4cylinder. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, pcv, and fuel filter. The car runs good except that if you put your foot on the brake and put the car in gear it stumble at times (but pretty consistantly). It will also stuble if you stop at a red light and are...
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    1997 Venture Code P1870 Transmission Component Slipping

    This code appeared while i was driving on the express way. The trans seems to shift smooth and strong. no other codes, only happened once as far as I know, I was thinking TCC. Any ideas?
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    97 Chevy Venture power siding door problems

    This door was not working when my sister got the van, then see asked me to look at the power door. I cleaned the pin connections, checked all the fuses and grounds and power wires. When you push the button to open the door the actuator unlatches the door but the motor does not pull the door...
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    03 Chevy Malibu Passlock question

    This car would start and then die with the security light flashing. Scanned BCM code was B2960. I had the car towed to the shop. O course now the car starts fine. I was looking throught the pass post and I thought someone say it was a common problem with the module. I know I have bypassed...