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  1. Mobile Dan

    Transfer case keeps filling with fluid, tranny goes low

    If this was an old Jeep, I would say that rear seal in transmission is leaking or installed backwards, and there is no working weep hole between the two units. ATF can leak into the transfer case because the transfer case front seal will let it in. Or if the two units share a vent system, foamy...
  2. Mobile Dan

    Flickering oil gauge needle.

    If the oil is not low and the engine sounds good at hot idle, I would suspect sending unit is bad. Some might advise to test oil pressure, but that test would show high/ normal/ low, but probably not "goes nuts". "Goes nuts" is usually bad circuit in sender.
  3. Mobile Dan

    Just a quick question

    If your gear ratios don't match, you can always make up the difference with wheel size...........just kidding!
  4. Mobile Dan

    Just a quick question

    The short answer appears to be "no", but there may be other stickers to decipher.
  5. Mobile Dan

    Head Gasket?

    I've seen no head gasket problems on that engine, and multiple failed intake gaskets, but my best guess would still be head gasket with the symptoms you describe. The location of the coolant passages is not very close to the intake ports on the heads, and so it seems extremely unlikely that...
  6. Mobile Dan

    Great article in my opinion, wanted to share. Saw no copyright, just a mention of free. Any thoughts?

    Well...what can one man do? Vote for leaders who will do to most good for the crowd they are leading. And vote with your dollars to support the businesses who do the most good for the globe. Governments need to create restrictions to big business so that everybody can benefit when they are...
  7. Mobile Dan

    Service stabilitrack

    You might as well just throw your money right into the harbor! (you are going to regret that...)
  8. Mobile Dan

    Water pump leak

    If you want to find out if the threaded hole needs have sealed threads, simply remove it to find out if coolant flows out of bolt hole.
  9. Mobile Dan

    1995 Dodge ram 1500 4wd 5.2 auto 214,000 miles

    I remember saying "I like Fords because they put their distributor at the front of the engine." Those days are long gone. Nowadays almost all distributors are buried behind the engine. That is only a good thing if you are working on a full-size van with a interior engine cover.
  10. Mobile Dan

    1995 Dodge ram 1500 4wd 5.2 auto 214,000 miles
  11. Mobile Dan

    1995 Dodge ram 1500 4wd 5.2 auto 214,000 miles

    Shorty wrench and a punch or prybar? Bend the dipstick tube bracket? Bend firewall or cut it open for access?
  12. Mobile Dan

    1995 Dodge ram 1500 4wd 5.2 auto 214,000 miles

    Crank sensor on that nick2 would say..."They suck large". I haven't done one in quite a while, but I think I used a "Allen Bit" and turned it with a small combination wrench. Maybe pushed on the wrench with a prybar.
  13. Mobile Dan

    2001 Plymouth Dodge Neon Headgasket

    You may have to marry into the business owner's family.
  14. Mobile Dan

    Non working stair lift

    You can use automotive charger, but with caution. If the batteries are small (motorcycle?) and your charger is large, only charge at a low amp setting.
  15. Mobile Dan

    Coats 4040a hookup to compressor questions
  16. Mobile Dan

    Non working stair lift

    Having that big voltage difference probably means both batteries are worn out (if they are the same age). There may be a safety switch that turns off power strips unless chair is sitting on them. So I suggest test batt voltage when stopped at midpoint, then move chair to the end and measure...
  17. Mobile Dan

    Are you kidding me Torrent belt replacement

    My favorite shortcut of removing mount bolts and slipping belt through the gap won't work on your Torrent, apparently.
  18. Mobile Dan

    2002 Toyota Highlander_Transmission Fluid Leak

    As you consider the possibilities of leakage in this area, don't forget to factor in wind conditions inside the bellhousing. When the engine is running/revving, there is a whirlwind that can cause any fluid to do things more "active" than merely running down and across the bottom to leak out at...
  19. Mobile Dan

    6.7 RAM soot on air filter?

    Truck has a weird airbox....I suspect crankcase oil mist, turbo or EGR functions are pre-filter, not post-filter like most vehicles. Read comments for more info.