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    2005 Cadillac SRX (Reposted from

    While you are at it, clear the "report" at the upper-left of our home page. I don't see any way to do the action requested, so I left it alone.
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    2005 Cadillac SRX (Reposted from

    How is this thread going to operate, will the "OP" be coming here to answer questions and get our advice? I'm thinking having the plugs connected in wrong order is unlikely, the engine would run extremely poorly, not just set codes. If plugs are mis-connected I would expect four to show up...
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    Just a quick question

    Do both the front and rear diffs have an exposed input yoke? If so, it is easy to just count turns of the yoke and wheels to determine what the ratio is. Start with that, knowing what you have, for sure. If you jack up just one wheel to do this, remember that it will be turning 2X the normal...
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    Just a quick question

    Yeah, it seems like they would be the same ratio, but I think I have read that 4X4 often use slightly different. Maybe that (different) is only for off-road use, or not for "full-time" AWD? If you get stuck on this, I'll contact a friend who will know for sure. I don't want to bother him...
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    8hp brigs & Stratton generator starts but won't stay running

    Humor me: the next time you run it, try with the cap back on tight. Let's see if the problem comes back or something else has magically healed itself. I can't believe just a few seconds of running would pull enough vacuum in the tank to stop fuel, no matter how bad the cap is. That's all it...
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    Cat problem?

    I didn't feel like I could help the OP, at first, because it was getting too technical for me. Fortunately I kept discussing it and asking "stupid" questions until he figured it out for himself.
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    If you are requesting membership to the private mechanics forum read this post.

    PM "jordanr" if you want to get "wrench" status and access to our glorious Lounge. Nickb2, I am still using some wrenches from about 1910! The oldest that were new in my lifetime are from the 1950's. I got a basic 1/2"-drive socket set from my grandmother when I was 9.
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    Hard transmission shifting

    Actual code numbers are what we are looking for.
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    Head Gasket?

    I would suggest pressurizing the cylinder like in a "leak down" test. Leave the pressure on for many minutes and see if bubbles appear in the (cold) coolant. It would be best if you could remove valve rocker arms on that cylinder so you could apply 100 psi or more and have it hold, even if...
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    CEL is on when it's off...

    Does your live-data show that the CEL is set "on"? If not, then there is probably a wiring short in the CEL circuit.
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    Cat problem?

    I would think B2 is closer to the windshield (the "rear" bank). Rock Auto shows that Denso number (234-4261) as being for the front down-stream; what I think is B1S2. 234-4064 is the Denso number for B2S2
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    Cat problem?

    You think maybe you have been testing/changing the wrong sensor? Yes, wiring in a specific circuit rarely will change color, even if there is an intermediate connector. In this case, the schematics indicate there is no intermediate connector, so a color change for the wire is near-impossible
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    CD4E air check

    I'll PM bp.
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    engine swap 99 gmc sonoma 4.3

    Have you found any obvious differences in the harnesses yet, especially at the PCM and trans? You know, things like different type or number of connectors?
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    Cat problem?

    What schematic, the one kev2 posted in reply #31. Yeah, it looks black there, but that could be a mistake. It looks like you have a distinct BRN wire on both sides of the connector and a light-colored one that could be YEL although it looks WHT. On either side, is there a wire that is clearly...
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    Cat problem?

    What makes you think "B" means "black" and not "blue"? I hate these modern lazy schematics. The old notations of "BLK", BLU, BRN, etc were hard to mistake.
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    Cat problem?

    Well, I have to admit I haven't been studying this thread carefully. I just jumped in with my comments because it seemed like you were beginning to feel neglected. I see now that in reply #16 the WB and NB cal curves are included.
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    Cat problem?

    What I was describing, although "crude" regarding objective numbers, would be checking the entire WB O2 system; everything from the sensor through all wiring/connectors, the PCM, and back out the OBD2 port to the scanner. That may give far more clues than just swapping in a new sensor.
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    Cat problem?

    Sounds like you are getting stuck here, so I'll toss out some general stuff, but keep in mind it isn't specifically pertinent to you system. As "grcauto" said, reading of ~3V on the upstream sensors hints that those are WB sensors. Range for WB sensors is often .5-4.5V or 0-5V, or 1-4V; with...
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    Timing Chain Cover Leaking Coolant

    I would try some Bar's Leak. That won't help if it is a bad shaft seal on the pump, but is a worthwhile "Hail Mary" play for anything else. PS: when you searched the 'net and found it is a "fairly common problem", did you find the (fairly common) cause?