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  1. dabunk

    Service brake system light on????

    Have the brakes been soft since you bought it or did they go soft when the light came on? If since you bought it they might have tried to replace ABS or Master cylinder and cannot get it to bleed so pulled fuse
  2. dabunk

    Sugar poured in to fuel tank

  3. dabunk

    Water pump leak

    Had that happen more than once over the years. You lose your focus!!
  4. dabunk

    8hp brigs & Stratton generator starts but won't stay running

    It is running to lean your hand acting like a choke to richen mix. Carb is culprit internally
  5. dabunk

    Garage door opener

    Changed many of those over the years! Simple mechanical linkage to open a door then have to engineer a nightmare to open it with a switch! Ridiculousness!!! And that is a simple system to some of the nightmares I had to work on with busses!!
  6. dabunk

    2002 IH 4300 brake alarm on hyd brakes / booster fine

    Actually common problem I have found. Try replacing the cap on the master cylinder. Sounds crazy but try it. If you take the cap off after you start it do you hear air going in like the master has a vacuum? The vent gets plugged in the cap and will not let air into the MC. Always worse after...
  7. dabunk

    Shocks leaking?

    We have seat belts here in Jersey for over 20 years now. We used to spend on average over 20K per year on replacing belts kids cut and mutilate!
  8. dabunk

    Shocks leaking?

    From a technical side here in NJ school bus inspection, if there is any evidence of weeping oil on a shock it is an immediate out of service until replaced for the vehicle so I think it is important to someone! On a personal level of my own vehicles no big deal if weeping, leaking is another...
  9. dabunk

    How to remove stuck wheels

    Done that myself on occasion when the big hammer does not work
  10. dabunk

    How to remove stuck wheels

    On school busses sometimes the big sledge is the only way to get them loose!!
  11. dabunk

    Spark Plug Removal Aluminum Heads

    Most people do not know if your engine or cap and wires get wet and willl not fire spray down with WD 40 and will fire right up
  12. dabunk

    What Quits First?

    And when Bruce wrote that piece he was running his own shop specializing in electric repairs others could not fix/got turned away. Learned alot from him!!
  13. dabunk

    What Quits First?

    If I used my what quits once or twice a year it was alot but for those jobs that quit every couple of months away from the shop it was invaluable. At 200 new when I bought it was good deal but not what Snappy wanted for them!!
  14. dabunk

    need to identify this piece found in 4R70W pan

    Fords famous mystery plug!!
  15. dabunk

    Spark Plug Removal Aluminum Heads

    Using anti seize is the best idea and not over torque on install. You should be good to go but agree on WD 40 instead of carb cleaner!
  16. dabunk

    Mower starts, but won't stay running

    Not sure on this model but some had a screen inside tank on the fuel line
  17. dabunk

    Excessive oil use GM 2.4 Eco-Tec

    Or the Neon headgasket fiasco. Make the techs just jack the head up a half inch and slide a new headgasket in and retorque and hope it makes it out of warranty! Amazing what dealers will do!
  18. dabunk

    1988 old school Ranger 2.9 stalling

    My bet is on the ICM on the side of the dist if you cannot do any testing. Takes a few minutes to change and is pretty cheap
  19. dabunk

    1988 old school Ranger 2.9 stalling

    JD sadly the company sold out to Snap On then after a few years dropped them. I still have mine and it has solved some cars other shops gave up on. They come up on ebay occasionally I bought one for a friend there!
  20. dabunk

    What is that squealing sound? Squealing from Belts

    Tensioner spring failing