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    1984 Chevy Monte Carlo jumped time.

    those plastic gears go WAY back - late 1960's my GTO Chevelle days. 305 was a good engine non interference but as grcauto mentioned shix happens. Think positive - to calm the negative neds remove valve covers for a look-
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    95 S-10 ABS light on

    there was a rare OBD system used @ this time. In the trade its referred to as OBD 1.5 google that and see if that is yuor scanner issue.
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    1998 Mazda B2500 where is the RABS computer located

    what are ALL the P series codes, as mentioned speedo inop suggests codes.
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    1998 Mazda B2500 where is the RABS computer located

    your scanner may NOT be ABS capable.. What are all the "P" series codes that you have ? Solve the speedo issue before ABS. Trouble shoot no speedo - Dans diagram should be a start.
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    1998 Mazda B2500 where is the RABS computer located

    RABS is burried in the dash board, its Sunday so I can't get a strp by step to help . I would say they do not often fail SO I suspect there is another issue, and the RABS module is suspected. Did you check ABS codes? No suspension tire modifications?
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    Comment on P0011 – Camshaft position (CMP), intake/left/front, bank 1 timing over -advanced/system performance by Michelle Messina

    explain 'stuck in manual transmission' ? P0011 is a code for the Variable cam timing (VCT). Often the VCT solenoids become stuck due to sludge/varnish. Engine oil changes are critical with VCT engines. The only easy recommendation I have is to add 1 bottle of 'risolone' oil treatment a...
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    2006 Lexus GS300 AWD stalled while driving

    You comfort and skill level will need to be somewhat more than a DIYer. The trouble trees esp for some of the codes require wiring checks and a recommended scanner - with bidirectional ability. Below is a TSB that will you need to confirm was done or not as it involves several codes on list...
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    Comment on P0106 – Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor barometric pressure (BARO) sensor -range/performance problem by Tyler A Harnish

    see this alot when modified, Any deletes, proms, programmers, chips, any aftermarket BS? TMI - Boost Pressure Sensor, Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor, and Barometric Pressure Sensor, rationality.
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    Transfer Case Link 2013 Ford Edge

    for the geeks among us - can you access this ? mms:// Something new to me always learning/ infj23 For the EDGE - there are some tools listed and it looks a PIA to do this I am sorry my access is AFU right now no sense of humor. there is a TSB...
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    key programming pin code

    Anyone remember being asked to make all this BS standard? SKIM, ABS, TC, Skid Control, 'on star' even if not turned on, radio codes, TPMS, this will not end well. Johnny Cab is the future.
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    key programming pin code

    yes the paper work with new car will have the code. The dealership will not give out code 1) liability, would want tittle. 2) a chance to make a buck or two. Professional locksmiths have the ability to program and often can get code from chrysler, Ca Ching$$$. Oh how I miss 99cent keys...
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    Short to voltage testing

    did you check - never mind to early to think - I happened to be in WJ manual at this moment.... 4.7s its always something does this help?
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    2004 Buick rendezvous wipers do not work

    Doode1524 hello welcome to the forum... hope we can help. This post is OLD your beating a dead horse here sugggest you start your own post details will help us help you Start here for a new post
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    Extra distributor wiring

    As the dist "triggers" the coil, maybe look at the secondary for the weak spark. BEFORE re engineering - the question now is what coil, full 12v or stepped down voltage, rotor alignment, wires and finally plugs and gap.
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    2007 grand prix 3800 supercharged issue:

    the C0700 is not related to engine* issue, this is a chassis code. Ideally we want to see live data, the information as seen by the PCM - I look at ECT, MAP, TPS, MAF, fuel trims and o2 sensor voltages. There are no other codes? the new plugs were AC Delco.. how did the old plugs look...
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    Comment on P06A3 – Sensor Reference Voltage “D” Circuit/Open by Sonny

    PCM has 4 internal 5V reference circuits. one of yours is NFG your issue is reference circuit 4. That is, Accelerator pedal position sensor 1 and Throttle position sensor. disconnect one at a time see if circuit resets. WTF is delete (and tuned) ? KISS keep it STOCK keep it dependable
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    [4T60E] Quad Driver Module B Fault (PWM TCC) After Shoddy Rebuild

    could the EGR you mention be the cause of the quad driver issue? There is 12v from trans to PCM, you claim PCM is not grounding solenoid, it (PCM) would NOT command TCC KOEO. What else is on quad driver as that components circuit could be cause of failure of entire quad driver and all...
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    2007 nissan maxima 2 CODES P0403 AND P0406

    I went to double check being the confusion - I see EGR for 06 but not for 07. confirm codes - if same codes - try another scanner advise.
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    P0174 (corrected)

    vacuum leaks use the old school carb spray trick, bank 2 is front bank.