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    Freon evaporating out of cans?

    Did you catch the part about "exposed to flame"? It has to get up above 480F, much hotter than my garage. R-12 is generally considered non-toxic and non-flammable. Take a peek at the MSDS for it
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    2000 Chevy S10 4.3.

    The third hose is probably for fuel vapor, part of the EVAP system. Are you just trying to fix that leak at the quick-disconnect? Unless something has been grossly forced there, a replacement O-ring and (maybe) lock clip will probably be easier.
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    Steering Wheel Off Center 2012 Ford Fusion 3.0L

    The PCM may have to go through a few drive cycles/miles to re-learn some parameters; give it a few days. Why didn't you take it right back to the dealer to get the steering wheel re-centered??? Do that now. If it was correct before you took it in for the recall and not correct after, they...
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    Freon evaporating out of cans?

    I don't think you are wrong, the R12 should not have leaked out. Were these cans with a metal seal/cap that has to be pierced with the tapping valve? One possibility, though, is that manufacturers were trying to get rid of all existing stock and were pushing out product with less than optimal...
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    2017 Ram 2500 4x4 drag link recall

    Well, after reading the recall, I am retracting my suggestion to lock those nuts with anything. I don't think lock-wire, Loctite, JB weld, or anything else is suitable for ensuring that link won't come loose. Frankly, I don't think even the recommended welding is suitable. My reading of the...
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    2017 Ram 2500 4x4 drag link recall

    If the Loctitie 680 isn't readily available, use JB Weld. It is epoxy and will also let loose with heat from a propane torch.
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    2017 Ram 2500 4x4 drag link recall

    Post a picture of what that joint looks like, but I can think of several options without even seeing it: 1) If the dealer didn't weld it, then it might not be in the Chrysler system as finished per the recall. Just "wait" until the nut does obviously loosen and take it to another dealer. 2)...
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    A/C is not cold - 2009 Subaru Forester

    There are a couple of things I will suggest now, but real quick you may have to decide if you want to invest in a gauge set (about $50 at Harbor Freight) or abandon this effort. Being able to read both high and low pressures is essential for all but the simplest of A/C work. Does the...
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    Code 300 - random misfire

    ^^^^ +1
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    2012 vw Passat door locks not working

    "You were an immense wealth of info back in the day before your wife got sick. So paying that back to you is more than fun for me. It is a privilege." ^^^^ +1 Except that I don't have the info or experience with that type vehicle to help you; can't claim the privilege, but wish you good luck...
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    Periodic belch of smoke out the tailpipe

    What are the compression readings now?
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    2012 Nissan Sentra MPG

    "Why cant we just entertain the idea that manufacturers stats may be misleading?" Because it is more accurate to entertain the idea that our misguided government requires the manufacturers to post a meaningless spec. There is no single number that can be accurate for all drivers/conditions...
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    2012 Nissan Sentra MPG

    Well, even driving in too meek a manner may affect mpg. Engines tend to be less efficient when under a light load, idle being worst (and not just because there are no miles being racked-up to enable a mpg figure).
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    2012 Nissan Sentra MPG

    There are many variables that affect what specific mileage you get with a specific car. Both your observed mileage and the manufacturer's spec may be quite realistic; it may just be that your driving conditions are that much different from those considered "average" for establishing the spec...
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    95 S-10 ABS light on

    What cavities of that 16-pin connector housing have contacts in them? I have no opinion right now as to the accuracy of the below, but think it is worth reading and considering: Another site that may have useful info. Note the long list there of links...
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    1984 Chevy Monte Carlo jumped time.

    Let's talk in the Lounge, I still see no purpose to have two marks.
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    1984 Chevy Monte Carlo jumped time.

    Well, let's think about this seriously... Two dots on the cam gear/sprocket, 180 degrees apart, can work fine; and either can be lined up with the crank gear. It makes no difference which mark on the cam gear is used, since it rotates 1/2 turn for each crank revolution. Both cam marks will...
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    1984 Chevy Monte Carlo jumped time.

    Wow, what a mess! I think you are getting some bad info. 1) I'm pretty sure all those old SBC engines are "interference", there just isn't enough room in the wedge-shaped combustion chamber for the valves to open adequately without going down into the piston bore a bit. 2) I just saw Dan's...
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    Unleaded vs E85 break even point--cost/efficiency

    My understanding is that E85 in the USA may have 51-83% ethanol. That is a wide range, you are going to need to analyze fuel from the E85 pump at time of purchase to even make use of knowing energy in it relative to cost.
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    1994 GMC C1500 - Serpentine Belt Oddity

    What alternator do you have? Were you able to look at the old parts? You should be OK driving with the wrong belt routing shown in the picture, but the belt may slip on the A/C pulley when A/C is working hard. If you hear any hint of a belt squeal when A/C is on... turn it off. You don't...