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  1. Mobile Dan

    wire colors

    I had to fix an electrical problem on one of the shop's wreckers (I think it was an International) and all the wires were black. No service manual to help me, that job was not easy.
  2. Mobile Dan

    Starter relay

    At the ignition switch, black wire is at cavity number 5, and red wire is at cavity number 4.
  3. Mobile Dan

    Starter relay

    I am trying to direct you to test the wires that go to and from the ignition switch.
  4. Mobile Dan

    no fluid to rear brakes

    Loosen some lines at the prop valve to see if fluid is getting to/thru it.
  5. Mobile Dan

    Starter relay

    Ignition switch gets power to crank from a black wire. When key is turned to crank position, the red wire should have power. If power goes into switch through black wire, but doesn't come out at red wire when key is turned to crank position, the problem would be a bad switch.
  6. Mobile Dan

    Audi quatro 2.0l turbo engima fixed

    Some Volvo engines have a similar problem. First time I heard that sound, I thought it was a bad alternator....until I removed the oil fill cap.
  7. Mobile Dan

    pictures from work

    I'll bet the bus pit gets really slippery/splashey in the wintertime. I think diamond plate would make a horrible toolbox top surface. Unless you only use it to stand on.
  8. Mobile Dan

    Home theatre amp stuck in stand by

    If you have a turntable hooked up to it, make sure the chassis ground wire is functional.
  9. Mobile Dan

    '09 Honda Fit brakes Looks like pretty standard hardware there...Springs for the hold-down pins are easier than most...tiny parking brake lever...
  10. Mobile Dan

    Starter relay Look thru all the info and diagrams at link above. I cannot guarantee that removing lower dash panel will give you better access. Got a crank signal from ignition switch? Got any aftermarket security system...
  11. Mobile Dan

    Buick cooling fans

    The "easy check" would be to turn the AC to its coldest setting. The rad fans should come on shortly afterward, especially if you rev the engine.
  12. Mobile Dan

    Fuel Pump

    Sometimes I cause a problem when I am putting things back together and I put a connector only half-way into a sensor, (because I am afraid that I will have to remove it to access something else during reassembly, and if I "click it", I will have to fight the awkward lock again). But then I don't...
  13. Mobile Dan

    Fuel pump stops working

    Your solder repair probably fixed the problem. But if the problem re-occurs, you will wish you had also soldered on a red wire (to power circuit) and a black wire (for ground circuit), and ran those wires to an easy access point under the fender to test/power up the fuel pump without removing...
  14. Mobile Dan

    clear water leaking inside cab, drivers side, getting floor wet

    Does it happen when it rains? Does it happen when it is parked (not driven within the last hour)? Does it happen if the blower has not been turned on? Any kind of slosh sound when first driven after being parked in the rain? Any kind of "clogged weep holes" would probably be in the wiper linkage...
  15. Mobile Dan

    Fuel Pump

    Huh....I would have guessed that bumps would have affected that loose connector more than heat..........but maybe the heat was from the heater and not the engine?
  16. Mobile Dan

    Fuel Pump

    Bill...the "one second fuel pump buzz" don't need a good crank sensor to make that happen. When Boomer's truck won't start, the "one second fuel pump buzz" isn't happening.
  17. Mobile Dan

    Fuel Pump

    So...It seems likely that some component "fails hot" but comes back to life after a short time in the grave. Lazarus, Jesus, or the PCM seem like the most likely possibilities. Maybe ignition switch. Maybe too much resistance somewhere in the "relay coil circuit". If you can establish that PCM...
  18. Mobile Dan

    Fuel Pump

    Am I saying this right? You rotate key to ON position, fuel pump runs briefly. If you crank it, it will start. BUT SOMETIMES........... You rotate key to ON position, fuel pump does not run briefly. If you crank it, it will not start.
  19. Mobile Dan

    Fuel Pump

    If the ground connection is proven to be good, testing at the Prime connector would be a great way to narrow down the possible failure points.
  20. Mobile Dan

    Door electric stuff gradually being lost

    Like NickD said, awkward place to work. If you are lucky, you may be able to fold over the end of a stiff wire and push it alongside the harness, starting inside the car and ending inside the door. Then pull several wires back thru and connect at a less awkward location. But if best access is...