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    2003 Tahoe Electrical Mystery

    This truck probably has two fuse/relay panels, one under the hood and one in the cabin. Did you check both? Was this parked outdoor, offering easy access for a critter?
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    wire colors

    And... if you are working from a manual written in another language, you have to keep in mind the translation for colors. All I remember from my Porsche 944 experience is that "gelb" is yellow.
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    wire colors

    No, I don't think you are going to find much of a standard there.
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    no fluid to rear brakes

    Why do you think there is no fluid (pressure) there; no fluid coming out of the bleed ports on wheel cylinders? I would suspect the hose going to the rear axle. Loosen the fitting on the upstream side of that hose and see if there is pressure there.
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    '09 Honda Fit brakes

    My son has decided to help a friend change pads/shoes now, while I am 1000 miles away. He'll have all my tools available, but my only help will have to be over the phone. Any hints about "gotchas" with this job? Does anybody have a good view of the rear shoes/levers/springs? I am encouraging...
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    lock up in and out

    So, the trans (TC) is responding correctly to the commands; the question is why the PCM is playing with the TC lock so much. Yeah, I would be looking at the TPS, MAP/MAF, and VSS. Those (and rpm) are what I expect the PCM is looking at to determine if TC lock is appropriate. Oh, and CLT and...
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    lock up in and out

    Oops, I meant to connect a scanner to my 4L60E yesterday and check some things before posting, but I forgot. How can you tell the TCC is going on/off, are you looking at "turbine speed" or "converter slip" in live-data? Have you checked what the TCC command being given is; and, is this TCC PWM...
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    Fuel Pump

    "Listened for the fuel pump, Key on, engine off. The pump was not running" That was in reply #31 and had me confused. I thought maybe the "1-sec key-on buzz" was not happening.
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    Fuel Pump

    It's a little late, but I gotta ask... do you have spark and injector pulses when the pump won't run? Maybe this is a CKP sensor problem, not the pump at all.
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    Fuel Pump

    Have you really tracked it down to the pump? There is a lot more in the electrical power to that pump than just the relay. And, there is a lot more to proper fueling than just the pump/pressure. Using the starting-fluid only verified the ignition is OK, not much else. I would be doing more...
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    2008 Jeep Wrangler cylinder 5 misfire

    OP, are you saying this is fixed now, that you simply didn't see the cracked plug when you checked them previously?
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    2008 Jeep Wrangler cylinder 5 misfire

    I gotta ask... when the plugs were out, did you take compression readings? Is this port injection? If so, have you tried swapping injectors around?
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    Can a bad strut bearing damage the spring

    I would be surprised if the spring is damaged. Springs, in general, are quite tough. Suspension springs like that have such a large wire size (3/8"?) that it would take many tons of load to permanently deform them.
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    power seat issue '97 F150

    After a few days, "bump" any unanswered posts. Sometimes they slip "out of sight, out of mind" when people are away on vacation or too busy at work/life to visit here regularly. I don't have those schematics, but I expect you will get something posted soon.
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    P1296 or ABS ECU or Steering Wheel Squib / Angle sensor?

    Wow, give us some kind of clue: what make/year/model is this? Regardless, that P1296 seems to be related to the cooling system; nothing to do with the ABS or steering wheel. ECU? Possibly, but not likely. Personally, I think there is little chance of a jump-start hurting the electronics...
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    Car won’t move

    Did it originally come with Dex6, or was it Dex3? There are some GM vehicles that specifically do not do well if Dex6 is used in place of Dex3. There is a TSB specifying what years/models Dex6 is not suitable for, but I don't have it handy
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    2009 Cadillac DTS

    I don't think there is any definite "flow" through the converter, there is no effective way to flush it quickly. Old fluid is going to remain in there (the converter) unless you remove it and turn it hub-down to dump the fluid. Flushing the rest will require opening a couple of lines, with new...
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    2009 Cadillac DTS

    My opinion? You may do more harm than good trying to flush it; just change the fluid and filter.
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    79 El Camino brake issue pedal goes way down

    I should know better than to get involved in this, but... There several different kinds of flare fittings, and several different kinds of compression; any generalization of flare vs. compression is meaningless. There are compression fittings rated to 10,000 psi (higher now?); and compression...
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    Cavalier with reverse and 1st only

    Yes, most of the trans shifting is controlled by electric solenoid-valves. What you are describing sounds much like what happens when there is failure to control via those electric valves and the trans goes into a "limp home" mode where only R and one forward gear are provided by the manual...