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  1. JackC

    Shutting off during Hot weather

    I put 1/4 " spacers (washers on the hold down screws) between the ICM and the steel hot plate engine bracket on my GM cars. Never had a problem since and it is permanent and no cost.
  2. JackC

    Turn on the ignition,all lights come on except the starter does not engage.

    I agree with Mobile Dan. I have that wire on all my cars. It can get you started and home and greatly assist in diagnostics.
  3. JackC

    Shutting off during Hot weather

    Heat can cause all kinds of electronic devices to malfunction. You have the old OBD-1 system on that car. Is the check engine light on? Do you have any codes?
  4. JackC

    84 Monte Carlo stalled and would not restart.

    You now have fuel "TO" the carb. But possibly the fuel is not getting to the engine or too much fuel is getting there. You had fouled plugs so it may be that the seat of the needle and seat is old and brittle and allowing extra fuel into the bowl that is flooding out at idle. Or the long...
  5. JackC

    Random air conditioning blows hot air

    The fact that you just overhauled an automatic trans makes me confident that you will be able to do this A/C job well also. Good luck to you.
  6. JackC

    84 Monte Carlo stalled and would not restart.

    Have you checked the fuel supply? Any fuel in the carb? Does accelerator pump squirt fuel when pumping accelerator? If not, check the little inline fuel filter right in front of the carb. (If it has one??)
  7. JackC

    my Nissan frontier with the 2.4 motor is showing a code of P1402, just wondering what that might be?

    Sounds like the EGR may not be closing at idle due to dirty EGR valve or defective EGR or improper signal from the ECM to the EGR. Most can be cleaned if that is all it is. I would try that first. If defective, obviously it will need to be replaced.
  8. JackC

    Windshield wipers staying on the low intermittent setting when the switch is off

    Good and thanks for letting us know.
  9. JackC

    '02 Impala 3.4L, 211.6k : Annoying Window Motor Assembly Problem

    Again, I like your diagnosis. I would suggest "googling" and "youtubing" and you may get a clue. And , you could use a cut off tool and remove unnecessary parts of the inner door panel to make for easier access . This shouldn't be necessary but it has been done. Be careful.
  10. JackC

    '02 Impala 3.4L, 211.6k : Annoying Window Motor Assembly Problem

    You are on the right track (no pun intended). They can be lubed and possibly aligned. I would suggest you check that out very carefully. I also agree 100% with Tommy's info.
  11. JackC

    2013 VW Jetta 2.5 horns

    Yes, horn relay would be the next thing to check. Swap it with any other same part number relay for a trial.
  12. JackC


    From what you say, it sounds like you have not swapped out the spark plug wires yet. Does it have wires or is this a COP type?
  13. JackC

    crank no start f150

    From what you tell us, (unless i spray starter fluid in intake) you still do not have fuel even though you replaced the pump and filter. What is the fuel pressure spec at the rail and are you meeting that spec?
  14. JackC

    Starter relay

    This YouTube should answer your questions. EDIT: Sorry you want the Relay. My error.
  15. JackC

    Driver door window starts up and then stops

    With multiple jumpers I bypassed the switch and have identical results proving the switch is OK. So the circuit breaker under the dash or the one in the motor is opening when trying to go up. Since the motor works in both directions although throws a breaker going up I feel the cable system is...
  16. JackC

    pictures from work

    I love it. A computer and vice grips. What else would one need?
  17. JackC

    Driver door window starts up and then stops

    What I really need is a wiring diagram. And I found one at Autozone.
  18. JackC

    Driver door window starts up and then stops

    Hi friends: Left front door window goes up 1/8 inch or as much as 2 inches and stops. Wait a few minutes and that can be repeated. At first I thought it was the circuit breaker tripping due to sticking window or regulator or bad motor. But the window down function and the right door window...
  19. JackC

    Code 300 - random misfire

    Interesting and educational. I would not have guessed that as a solution. Hope it continues to be OK for you and her.
  20. JackC

    Code P050D

    P050D – Cold Start Rough Idle I have not researched his, but I doubt there would be any serious dive ability issues, othe than possibly rough idle.