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    Sonic coolant consumption

    Umm... 7/31 of 2018? that's still a week away. Maybe the warranty covers it. If not, borrow a pressure-tester from your FLAPS, it is an easy tool to use. You may find something obvious and easy to fix.
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    Sonic coolant consumption

    Looking for coolant leaks when the engine is hot is of limited use; the hot coolant "flashes" to vapor as soon as it leaks out and pressure on it is reduced. You have little chance to see leaks. Find a way to pressurize the system cold.
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    WHAT WENT WRONG?? -- wheel bearings

    I doubt you could ever over-tighten the nut enough to affect the bearings; the threads in the nut or on axle would strip long before. Likewise, I doubt wheel alignment is causing the noise, especially if there isn't something grossly obvious about how the wheels look or how the car steers. I...
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    Sonic coolant consumption

    Have you done a pressure-check of the "radiator" cap? How about a pressure-check of the cooling system while the engine is cold?
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    alternator charging, no voltage regulation

    Clarify: does "no regulation" mean no alt output (0v on alt bat term), or does it mean the voltage goes too high? While you are down there to pull the alt, remove the sense and field wires to it and check output voltage with a meter one last time (engine running). If output is high with sense...
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    alternator charging, no voltage regulation

    I'm thinking the alt is so hard to get to that you haven't checked voltages at that end? Same for continuity checks of the harness? Yeah, I know you don't have any "pin 40" end of the harness to check. So, you have to find what color the F wire is at the alt and start tracing it. No fun, I...
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    Overheating problems

    Both the compression and leak-down might give additional (and different) clues. Sure, try them both if you have the equipment handy and plugs aren't too hard to get to. The "block test" with dye is probably more definitive in a case like this, but you do have to pay for the dye consumed.
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    Rear disc brake problems 2010 Camry

    I gotta ask... is the new line routed away from exhaust, moving parts, and protected from road hazards? Having it routed identical to the original isn't necessary, but having it safe is.
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    Rear disc brake problems 2010 Camry

    Unfortunately, we do hear about "something like this" from time-to-time... a job that seems to have been badly botched. Have you talked to the top management there, to see what they will do to rectify this? If it is a Toyota dealer, then elevate the issue to the regional rep. This should have...
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    One Sick Truck 2001 GMC Sierra 5.3l 175k

    Did these codes all pop up at once, or have you been accumulating them for a while? First suggestion: use a gauge to check FP, and use a meter to check pump power, don't just keep throwing pumps at it.
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    clock springs

    Wait for somebody to post the procedure for replacing that, then open things up and look for obvious damage to it. If it looks OK, then try to re-install following the proper procedure. Do I need to say it? Don't work in the dark...
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    Non working horn

    Short answer? Yes, the clock-spring can be damaged by not installing correctly; especially in regard to turning the steering shaft to the wrong position.
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    Non working horn

    I gotta ask... is the air-bag light off now? If not, the clock-spring replacement is probably bad.
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    Shutting off during Hot weather

    When it won't start, have you ever checked for spark? Have you checked for injector pulses?
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    Chain saw won't start hot

    Try a quick blast of starting fluid. It's not the most elegant solution, but can be the most practical in a case like this.
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    A/C Electrical ? 2005 Dodge Neon2.0

    I'm thinking there may also be a high-pressure switch that should be checked.
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    No start, codes for no o2 activity and random misfires all cyl.

    I went through similar with that Ford Escort that plagued me a few years back. I got led astray because it had also been shredding timing belts, so I suspected/inspected for all kinds of grim thing, like bent valves or VVT gone bad. All the operating problems turned out to be a cracked PCV...
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    Mustang engine swap

    "I am putting original clutch flywheel which has the pilot bearing in it." That has me confused. If the pilot bearing is in the flywheel, why are you expecting one in the crank? I don't see a pilot bearing in either of those crank pictures. Some manual clutch arrangements don't even use a...
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    1999 Ford F150-starting problems when cold

    All of what I mentioned above pertains to cold-start difficulty! Are you saying the CEL (Check Engine Light) is on??? Give us the codes!
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    1999 Ford F150-starting problems when cold

    Check fuel pressure with a gauge; you can often borrow one for free from your FLAPS. (Friendly Local Auto Parts Store) No codes set? Have you had it scanned for pending codes? Again, often free at your FLAPS. This is OBD2, so live-data is cheap and easy to get. Get set up to view live-data...