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    Fuel stabilizer
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    What is the problem with code number (u0029)

    year, make, model, engine, trans and color? Uxxxx would have me ask - Any modifications - audio, GPS anything electrical?
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    alternator charging, no voltage regulation

    hey Nick - sorry very short on time- this is a diagram I have for a 2015 - 200 3.6 - TRY a Hail Mary reset the BCM - old days just remove the IOD fuse now its disconnect battery.... then the tipm is where to start... then the field control VPWM grd... finally the intelligent battery connector...
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    2002 toyota camry p1346

    what are the other codes? there is likely NO way to check distance - the PCM is sensing the TDC of CKP and CMP and the degrees are not in range.... Have you had VVT issues? Both sensors are TOYOTA and not aftermarket?
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    we all show our age with HEI coil on top of dist cap... But I still do not know what system the OP has - the one jd shows above OR the other one in my earlier post.... thinking a coil test would be a start...
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    Am I confused 'again' I thought this was NOT HEI? tittle Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI And was thinking testing coil - but which one ? What happens when ALDL cavities A and B jumped?
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    which coil - then we (I) will know part and system info....
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    ABS light is staying on

    What are the codes? will need a high end scanner to access these modulse... without codes it guessing. Ca Ching$$$
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    what make model year etc.... Did you check for codes - Do you have a key fob panic mode? Any security issues ?
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    One Sick Truck 2001 GMC Sierra 5.3l 175k

    A Plan get it running address drivability misfires, o2 sensors, and cat first. the C codes next. you are aware the FP (fuel pump) will only run @2 seconds if engine does not start? We can jump FP relay* to check the voltage and GROUND circuits at the pump.... OR lets look at fuel pressure...
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    Honda Pilot P2138 Code

    sorry, what does that mean The information is in the trouble trees... detailed procedure for diagnosing. this is a correlation issue APP A and APP B - Accelerator Pedal Position sensor A and B. Their readings are not in sync, do not make sense, Are incorrect. Be advised erasing codes will...
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    Honda Pilot P2138 Code

    The information is in the trouble trees... this is a correlation issue APP A and APP B
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    A/C Electrical ? 2005 Dodge Neon2.0

    with the code p0480 I suspect the PCM is restricting AC.... Is code still stored active? You do know, not all codes will turm on CEL? this code is often no 12v to relay contrpl side seen at PCM check circuit fuses. see attachment
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    A/C Electrical ? 2005 Dodge Neon2.0

    A different diagram - sometimes easier to read. PS: have you scanned - a code MAY restrict AC operation. ie temp issue.
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    No start, codes for no o2 activity and random misfires all cyl.

    de nombreux TSB, car il s'agit d'un GDI, suggèrent d'afficher tous les codes. Je regarderais le capteur d'o2 - le marché des pièces de rechange est souvent de la merde et la résistance du réchauffeur est problématique. Je voudrais l'OEM
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    2008 Jeep Wrangler cylinder 5 misfire

    You stated "It burps, hesitates, backfires occasionally " Have the jeep SCANNED? - post all codes. Even if CEL is off. Any chance yu have a scanner - that shows live data? Make this easier. If no scanner check fuel pressure WITH a gauge. Sometimes easier said than done*. let us know What...
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    Problem with a 2000 expedition

    OOPs thats what I get for guessing. Sorry for wrong avenue of thinking. Dan correction to P0113 - suggests to me there could be more codes (p1116) will scanner read ALL codes those manufacturer specific P0999 and up? The mention of a IAT and of MAF , I asked about K&N a POS...
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    Problem with a 2000 expedition

    You listed p0113 I guessed you mistyped P0131 - yes? Vehicle is STOCK - no BS ie K&N type filter? Are there ANY other codes or issues? Did you use cheap wire yourself o2 sensors? loosing coolant? Exhaust leak? I see a wiring issue at sensors would cause the majority of codes -...
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    Toyota vsc and poo51

    It is an AF sensor, Sorry I did not differentiate o2 or AF sensor. YES can be confusing there is even a caveat* in the manual mentioning the term may be o2 in text but the component is AF
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    Factory radio turns up volume unassisted

    Some radios are self adjusting. by speed or cabin sensing. they will increase and the volume will also drop back to base setting with speed, whatever the trigger is. Did you look in the owners manual to check on this feature, before we start looking outside the radio itself.