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  1. bp042665

    TH125C/3T40 Problems

    ok i have had a issue like this at my shop and after adding a extra Quart of fluid it worked fine it will read over full on dip stick but that is fine will not hurt anything try this and let me know
  2. bp042665

    Transmission will not respond. No noises, no response

    SOUNDS LIKE THE PUMP OR CONVERTER take cooler line off at radiator and see if fluid comes out when running
  3. bp042665

    Harsh Downshift 2007 Fusion AWD

    look for codes in tcm also check the motor and transmission mounts
  4. bp042665

    lock up in and out

    ok problem fixed come to find out there was a cross leak in the pump causing it to drop out put new pump and problem solved
  5. bp042665

    Tranny only responds sometimes and only worked for about a quarter mile

    first off have you check fluid level in nuetral if ok you need to check for transmission codes and check live data pay close attention to govenor pressure and commanded pressure
  6. bp042665

    Possible tranny problem

    you did state in the post that the O/D light flashing so there should be a code in the transmission side of the computer
  7. bp042665

    lock up in and out

    ok guys sorry havent checked in but was busy building a few transmission busy week yes i have 3 top notch scanners i also have ease diagonstic system with the reprogramer i have to do alot of reprogramming with the new transmissions with the TCM on valve bodys i should have vehicle back monday...
  8. bp042665

    Possible tranny problem

    you need to have the codes read then i can help this should be in the transmission forum but i'll check back in
  9. bp042665

    lock up in and out

    well bill i read live data and yes it is a pwm style so i can see the % comanded by computer and it is turning it off and back on i also checked the TPS sensor for a glitch and nothing there all good readings
  10. bp042665

    lock up in and out

    hi all just putting this out there 4 L 60 E transmission at crusing speeds of 55 to 60 mph lock up kicks in and out does not set codes i have checked all the sensors all ok i can engage it with scanner manualy does not do it watch lock up data and computer is comanding it to do this havent seen why
  11. bp042665

    2003 trailblazer trans not shifting corectly and reverse not working

    if you unplug the transmission you will have reverse and third gear in the 4L60E trust me i have a transmission shop so if no reverse or 2nd & 4Th its the sun shell
  12. bp042665

    2003 trailblazer trans not shifting corectly and reverse not working

    the ATSG Book is great i use them at my shop i also attend there classes on the newer stuff also yes vasaline is perfect for assembly
  13. bp042665

    2009 Cadillac DTS

    im with the rest sevice and filter i own a transmission shop and never do a full flush unless water has got into the transmission
  14. bp042665

    SVC 4WD LIGHT 2011 RAM 1500

    sorry didnt see this but the motor can be sticking on the start up test and thats why it comes and goes i engage my 4WD motor on my truck atleast 2 times a month to keep the motor moving so it dont build up corrotion on the brushes
  15. bp042665

    2000 Infiniti G20 AT Issues

    you can look for a used 1 at SW Transmission they give a 1 year warranty parts and labor also they are low milage transmissions
  16. bp042665

    96 Tahoe Transfercase

    ok what you can do is take the motor off the transfer case and turn the selector shaft with plyers toward the rear of vehicle untill the front shaft spins freely
  17. bp042665

    96 Tahoe Transfercase

    what i need from you is what transfer case you have and is it a manuel or electric shift transfer case
  18. bp042665

    Car won’t move

    im here to help but you all have suggested what i whould have good job all. i was checking all data and they say it could have the 6 speed also in it they did have a drum issue that could give this problem.can you get us what transmission it has
  19. bp042665

    2000 Infiniti G20 AT Issues

    try to get milage if its high could be harden seals and check fluid condition
  20. bp042665

    '96 Mopar A604 P0300, Won't move

    yes they did have a offset until the late 90 or 2000 units as for the frictions you can use the new design in the early modules it was a upgrade