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  1. dabunk

    WHAT WENT WRONG?? -- wheel bearings

    Jack up front end and spin wheels independantly. When tightening axle nut no pressure on bearing itself only the solid inner races. No alignment needed all parts replaced are non adjustable. Put old rims/tires back on after you jack and spin wheels if no noise heard
  2. dabunk

    Ford diesel Rough idle

    On the 7.3 yes you can removed the glow plugs to do compression test. On others with no glow plugs you have to removed injectors and get a special adapter. On this 7.3 I would suggest replacing injectors if they have not been done. On this system oil pressure from the high pressure oil pump...
  3. dabunk

    Chain saw won't start hot

    Starting requires a hotter spark than running I have found
  4. dabunk

    84 Monte Carlo stalled and would not restart.

    EGR stuck in the open position possibly
  5. dabunk

    Bonded leather

    Problem is like an aluminum head on a cast iron block Leather swell and contracts especially in the head area the cloth does not. Hence they separate
  6. dabunk

    Bonded leather

    Bonded leather means they slice the leather super thin and then bond it to fabric backing. We bought several couches and they do not hold up for carp peeling and cracking after use. Only buy real leather since and have not bought another.
  7. dabunk

    wire colors

    Used to work on US school busses and the colors would change 3 or 4 or 5 times in one circuit. Makes you crazier than you were before!
  8. dabunk

    no fluid to rear brakes

    Start at MC have someone step one brake and crack the line. Should get drips. If you do lock it up and move on to the next fitting in line and repeat the process back to the wheel at each fitting.
  9. dabunk

    79 El Camino brake issue pedal goes way down

    Do not believe those crap shows nothing real with REALITY TV or the money they supposedly make. Was watching an Alaska show last night both driving 10K plus brand new snow machines complaining the had to use a hand auger to ice fish. It is all crapola!
  10. dabunk

    79 El Camino brake issue pedal goes way down

    If you have a torch heating up the line nuts helps some
  11. dabunk

    79 El Camino brake issue pedal goes way down

    Same kind of trick without pinching the line to get you home. Blown wheel cylinder or caliper. Take brake line off of the cylinder or caliper and put a common nail in the line. When you re-tighten the line the nail head seals off the fluid. Gotten many buses and cars home that way. Always had a...
  12. dabunk

    79 El Camino brake issue pedal goes way down

    Fill the master cylinder and as you pump the brakes have someone look for the fluid dripping. Done
  13. dabunk

    crank no start

    Correct terminology is " Everyone has at LEAST one"
  14. dabunk

    Odd question from my uncle. Kit Kar??

    Built a lot of VW based kit cars in my day. Big problem is quality of body manufacturer. Do not go cheap on the kit you will never get anything to fit or look good!
  15. dabunk

    BAT Store

    I just found my mug I bought when the store first opened!
  16. dabunk

    Ford F250 Engine stalling

    Bad lift pump correct
  17. dabunk

    Brake issue with '01 Jimmy

    Did you let the master cylinder run empty when you were bleeding it?
  18. dabunk

    new\used laptop pissing me off

    Try removing your HD and slave with USB cable to another laptop or desktop. On laptop use administrative tools it will allow you to remove all partitions and then format with NTSF. Reinstall and it should take it then.
  19. dabunk

    mysterious moving lift chair

    Maybe had demons and preach exercised them?
  20. dabunk

    new\used laptop pissing me off

    Did you format the hard drive to wipe e verything old off of it?