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  1. jordanr

    What is the problem with code number (u0029)

    Vehicle area network (VAN) data bus A - performance problem
  2. jordanr

    Windshield wipers staying on the low intermittent setting when the switch is off

    I had this issue on my Explorer. Common issue I think. Fix was replace wiper stick. It drove me crazy. Might be able to temporarily fix it for awhile via restarts or messing with switch but in my experience it will deteriorate until ...
  3. jordanr

    BAT Presents "P0420 2004 Honda Civic 2.0L Si"

    This series features @mia diagnosing a P0420 on her Honda Civic in the first video and then replacing the cat in the 2nd video.
  4. jordanr

    Software Update

    Hi all: We upgraded the software today. If you note any problems, please let me know know. I think it went pretty smoothly. One change is on the Domestic and Import forums the location for inputing the Make, Model, Year, Miles, and Engine has changed. It is now below the input area to...
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    About BAT Auto Technical

    BAT Auto Technical is a one of a kind automotive technical website, where professional mechanics help people with their vehicle problems by providing professional, quality information. Where the professional, do-it-yourselfer, consumer and manufacturer can meet to gain quality information to...
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    Disclaimer of Warranty

    By using this site and its information and forums, you hereby agree to the terms of this site and any changes made to this disclaimer at any time. By entering this site, you hold this site and it's affiliates not legally responsible for any damages due to advice given here. This site and it's...
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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules.... FIRST.........Read the Disclaimer Then once you understand the rules, you are ready to use the rest of the site. Registration is required to post in the forums. If you do not receive an activation email, use the Contact us link to email us and we will manually activate it. Be...
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    BAT Presents...Replacing Your Front Brakes

    An 8 video series. One new video for the next 7 days.
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    BAT Store

    Lol. I'll ask Mia where she bought her coat. PM or email me your address again...
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    BAT Store

    Here is the store:
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    Admin Help please

    I sent message to you. Richard
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    BAT Presents "P0171"

    Here is the second of our videos. Mia troubleshoots P0171 code on her Prius including a smoke test.