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03' Tundra Power-steering pump howling

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    I have a howling power steering issue. I put a new shaft and seal kit in the pump, cleaned it up and reinstalled. Pump works good and I understand the howling noise can be from an air leak so I took some time to check all the hoses and still can't seem to figure it out. There is a power-steering control valve (Aftermarket) [​IMG] That I replaced a few years back and not sure if this could be the culprit. Any suggestions?

  2. [​IMG] If you had pressure control valve apart, you might want to recheck that it is reassembled correctly. But first, add fluid so that the reserviour is slightly overfilled and see what happens. Recheck fluid level every morning.
  3. I didn't have the valve apart and don't see it in the drawing above. Here's what this one looks like.
    [​IMG] Is there a way to bench test this valve? Thanks
  4. The valve I ask about is #6 in the diagram...#6 and the three smaller parts below it.

    Here is some info about the item that YOU have posted a photo of...
    Product description
    Power Steering Air Control Valve helps regulate the powering steering pump. When the steering wheel is cut it draws vacuum from the intake manifold to boost performance and aide in effort-less turning. When the valve malfunctions power steering fluid can be sucked into the engine and burned.

    Primarily, the Air Control Valve raises idle speed a little when engine speed is low, but the need for steering assist is high (Think...parallel parking)
  5. A better name for the valve I am asking about would be Flow Control Valve.
  6. I'll pull the pump out in a few days and take a look at the valve. Thanks for the feedback! I'm betting this is the culprit.
    I found a part number, but sure is expensive.
  7. I removed the flow control valve and inspected it. It seem to fit in the hole ok and was previously installed correctly. I pushed in on the ball bearing as seen in the photo and it went in about an 1/8" before stopping. On the opposite end there appears to be a screen. I looked at it very closely with a magnifying glass to see if I could somehow take it apart to clean it, but haven't figured that out yet as I'm not seeing any kind of retainer clip.
    On these last two pics I'm seeing a crack on the valve where the spring rides over. Not sure if this is an intentional manufactured process or if it's an issue. Reason I say this is because looking at it under a magnifying glass it looks like a clean through slot more than a break, but I guess it could be cracked through due to the pressures it see's. I'll post back once I figure this out.
    Thanks again.
  8. Update:
    I decided to clean everything back up and reinstall. I primed the pw pump with the wheels off the ground turning right to left purging all the air out by disconnecting the return line until new fluid came through. Then back on the ground I started the truck up after reconnecting everything and the howling wasn't as bad but was still present.
    So on to another issue I knew I had with the lower ball joints (toyota all sealed no zerk fittings). Tore into the lowers and inspected the uppers, tie rods & link stabilizer.
    All was good except the lowers were ready (300k miles) and the right tie rod joint was completely froze! Locked up, boot gone and no grease. How did I miss this.... So I'm thinking, hoping this was the cause of the howling sound as the pw pump was in a constant strain. I'll post results after all is back together.