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1984 Chevy K20 front driveshaft

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    MODEL:Silverado K20 4x4
    DESCRIBE ISSUE....I'm trying to find the reason for my vibration at speeds of 55mph+. New Michelins and steel rims balanced/roadforced three times, rear driveshaft w/new spicer u-joints balanced, etc. Harmonic balancer appears fine and engine in smooth.
    Can/does the front driveshaft spin in 2H range that could cause the vibration very similar to a tire out of balance? The front driveshaft is original and has not been serviced other that grease. Very minimal play in the joints. I have the original auto hubs that require you to backup 10feet or so to make sure they unlock.
    thank you for your time to reply.
  2. Easy way to check is to take front shaft out and then drive it
  3. thanks bp, I marked it and it dont move in 2wd. thanks