1991 Ford Ranger abs module location

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MAKE:Ford Ranger
DESCRIBE ISSUE....Can't find the ABS Control Module. Have looked behind glove box and radio, but still can't find. Called the Ford dealer here in Chattanooga and they told me that it didn't have one, that it was controlled by the main computer. I just bought one and it is supposed to fit might truck exactly and other parts dealers said it did also. Could somebody please help me.
My info says it's between radio and glove box, but you can't get to it from the glove box. It's mounted on a wall that is to the right of the radio/heater controls. is your system RABS or 4WABS?


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May I ask, why do you want to change that electronic brake control module? They rarely fail from my experience. Did you get a OBD1 code to this? I highly doubt that you can on a 91 like this.

I think I have only changed one or two if my memory serves right, in my now 27yr old career. Normally what fails the most in these trucks, whether it be a f150, bronco or similar of this era, is the isolation valve/solenoid.

Have you done a flash-code test of the ABS system? And also, as Mobile Dan asked, would be good to know if this is 4x4 or not. The diagnostics differ from one to another. If you don't know how to do that, there is a connector you need to ground, somewhat like a GM fuel pump connector you ground to check fuel pump. When you ground the black and orange wire connector, key on, the abs light will flash a sequence.

Post back once you have done that. You never know, you may be replacing a good part for nothing. Always good to test first before replacing modules. Here is a picture of where that connector is located in case you did not know. If you knew, this picture will be good for others who fall on this thread. It would also be nice of you to describe how you came to the conclusion the module is faulty.

Thx in advance for following up on this thread you started. Screenshot (126).png
I have done a complete brake job on the truck. I have replaced shoes, pads, drums, rotors, calipers, bearings, wheel cylinders, sensor in diffirential, master cylinder, they were all bad and needed replacing anyway. Now my rear ABS light is still on. I think that is all that is left except for the main computer. Ford dealer here said this truck was not supposed to have this module, but everywhere I look it says it does, and I already have one to put on it anyway. I did put an OBD1 code reader on it I bought for the truck. I did not show any falt codes. Thanks for the image I believe I can find it now. I just have to wait for my back to get better to look for it. Thanks everyone for the information.


Wrench. I help when I can
Hi Ralph, you are going to find me repetitive, but you must first do a flashcode test first. If you don't, you will not know if the isolation valve or the dump valve is in question here.

I am just saying to help you avoid unnecessary strain on your back by replacing the EBCM/RABS for nothing. All you need to do is ground that connector and wait for the pulses of the abs light. There are only 16 possible codes. Once you do the flashcode procedure and post back which code/s you have, I will provide you the proper flowchart/s to follow.

There could be a number of things you may have overlooked such as a 4x4 switch, or a bad brake light switch input to the RABS module or as I said before, a shorted RABS valve/ isolation or dump valve.
I am sorry I will check that either Monday or Tuesday, I forgot to tell you that it is a 2 wheel drive. I will get back with you Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks for the help so far. It is hard to do anything anymore since I became handicapped, but I still love working on cars and trucks when I am able. The good Lord has given me plenty of blessings. He has brought me through open heart surgery, triple by-pas, cancer of the prostrate, 10 stints in my heart, 2back surgeries, and 1 of those they dropped me in the floor during surgery, and I broke my leg in the middle of all this. But God is good still good.