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1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Gas- Transmission help needed BAD!

  1. 1998 Dodge Ram pick up 2500 5.9 Engine 400,000 +miles has a 1 ton running gear. I have bought transmission parts for a 1997 just to get the same part to match up.
    I've owned this truck for a little over 6 years. It has been great with only a few minor problems. Please no negative remarks as I have sentimental value to this truck. I'm a female and cash is tight right now but I need some help figuring out what's going on with the shifting in my truck. I have checked everything I can think of and even replaced the transmission governor pressure solenoid/sensor. About 3 weeks ago the transmission would take 1st then 2nd and no higher. I got advice and replaced the GPS⬆ and got everything back together and drove it about a mile down the road. It shifted like a dream. I went home picked up my tools and took off to the store about 3 miles from me. I got almost there and my transmission slipped a bit-not bad. I cut it off while I got gas and headed back home. I didn't get but about a 1/2 mile gone and I wasn't going but like 15-20 mph because of a stop sign and my rpms shot up and my truck wouldn't move even manually shifting on the column I pulled over and checked fluid and for leaks- none. I cut it off then thought try to get home. It would go in drive and ran for a minute tops and rpms shot up again with no movement from my truck. I done this 3 times before giving up and being towed home... Only because I have small children whom need Mommy. I'm disgusted now and down and out. I need my truck and want my truck fixed. Please help anyone! All information is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. our trans expert will add some insight soon till then some basics....

    Which series trans 42re 46 etc
    Scan for codes yes even if light is out - free scan at many part stores.
    Do you have a scanner showing live data?
    Dodges are funny they only want that ATF4 advise if you used universal or one type fits all - not your issue but want to know.

    What is a 1ton running gear? maybe ratio?
  3. Rear axles and towing lbs. I don't think it's a need to know thing but I added extra info hoping somebody could help.
  4. Well i cant really b of much help being as how i dont rebuild transmissions but do know that the 46 is infamous of this issue (crazy you made it 1/2 million miles w/out this issue). Some claim shift linkage adjustment and tightening bands may solve issue

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  5. Thank u integrityautomotivenampa. I will try anything! This truck is my baby other than my kiddos. Today is my birthday so I'm taking a break from it but I will start again tomorrow.
  6. 5.9l diesel or gas. What vin # do you have. There are 4 different 5.9l's for this truck. Two are in line 6 and two gas v8.

    Do you have reverse when this happens? That would be important to know. If you have to drive and no reverse, then you are looking at possible internal failure and pressure tests will need to be done.

    As for gear linkage and throttle cable adjustment, here is how to do that if you want to try. Screenshot (91).png Screenshot (92).png
  7. Read the following PDF and find which symptom best describes what you are experiencing, post back and I will provide trouble shoot charts and component tests if you wish.

    PDF ACE5 symptom list below.
  8. My truck is the V8 gas. Give me a bit and I will get VIN # for u. Please don't tell me internal! I can't win for losing I do have reverse when it does it. But it does the same even in reverse it will go a short distance and up shoots the rpms just like it's in neutral. I just don't understand! Thank u all so much
  9. Nickb2 the closest would be no reverse or drive (vehicle does not move) but it will move some (very little distance) after turning truck off.
  10. Sadly, this will need to be pressure tested to determine if the pump is worn or clutch seals etc are leaking internally when hot. When the trans gets hot, everything is in expansion and most probably the worn internals are letting fluid leak past causing your trans to slip
    I have to go to work now, but I will post on how to do some air check to see if some of the clutches are engaging, but sadly, if you do have movement when cold, then most likely, worn internals and this unit needs to be overhauled. There is really no magic solution here.

    As a last ditch effort, you could try an additive that will swell some of the seals and maybe will get a few more miles out of it. But a far long shot to say the least. But worth the 9$ to give it a try.

    The product I use is called transmedic. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/gunk-transmedic-automatic-transmission-treatment-0380604p.html
  11. lets try again,
    You mentioned the 97 or 98 confusion AND purchased parts for this trans the GPS⬆ so you should know which series 42 46 RH RE etc.
    What components did you replace? Just GPS nothing else?
    CODES at least do the key on off trick...
  12. attachment - is this your issue?
  13. Sorry all my wife has been in hospital most likely it is a bad converter have a dodge did same thing i pulled it out tore it down and no bad clutches put new converter and fixed it but live data will help on conferming also pressure test
  14. Throttle valve adjustment=fine, linkage=fine :'( :'(
  15. No kev2... It stops pulling in every gear after a minute but I turn it off and crank it right back and it pulls for another minute.
  16. Before we do pressure tests - 1 last hope of it being something easy........... the codes !

    I am a hopeless optimist give it (above video) a try..
  17. Live-data, too. Nickb2, how inexpensive would it be to get live-data for this via ELM?
  18. I gotta find the scanner tool. I'm thinking the fluid may not be circulating like it should. But I'm no mechanic!
  19. Ok trans temp and maintenance required. That's what I got???
  20. trans temp and maintenance required - let us know the code #s easier to access troubleshooting that way.
  21. ok this has a A518 Trans same as mine look right before the radiator bottom cooler line there is a 1 way valve they get stuck i take them out
  22. Test driving now... Possible fix!!! Changing the filter for the 3rd time... But I'm not complaining at all!!!!
  23. @billr, I don't know about the elm327 for getting extensive trans data since before 2001 chrysler was still in CCD bus. With an EATX program on PCI bus line, it may work, but really not sure for prior to 2001.

    The EATX stuff I saw only did 2001-2007 till they (mopar) switched again to CAN bus in 2008. 2001-2007 used the J1850 VPW bus.
  24. And it's changing GREAT! I gotta get a cooler for the transmission but I'm tickled to death! Thank u all for the info... Much love! Yall are awesome! My mom would be proud it's not tore up she loved my truck and that's why it's sentimental and my dad would be proud because I worked on it myself.... Thank u all again.
  25. Confirm: the fix seems to be removing the check-valve near the bottom of the radiator?
  26. No sir! I just bought another new transmission filter ($6-$7) and changed it out.
  27. Well, I am a bit surprised at this outcome. I would have expected some sort of previous symptoms such as whine in reverse as line pressure increases or harsh shifting and what would that magnet in pan look like? Must have been a mess in there??!!.

    To have a so severely clogged filter to the point where the pump is starved of fluid that it won't shift anymore due to lack of line pressure indicates a crazy sick transmission. I hate to be the guy that says this, but that tranny is on its last legs. Your joy will be very short lived.

    But as long as your happy, what can we say. Don't this truck already have a cooler? I am sure it does. In fact I know it does. So if you need a new one, is it because it too is clogged? Just another sign of a very worn trans. Usually a reverse flush of the cooler does the trick. No need to spend money on a new one unless it is pierced or bent due to impact damage.

    Anyway, like I said before, as long as your happy.
  28. The only times I EVER do a tranny cooler flush is after a major mechanical failure of a trans. I would never put in a new or rebuilt trans with a previous major breakdown without doing a flush of cooler and line. Just to make sure any debris from lets say a planetary gear failure, or a satellite, or just plain broken segments etc do not make their way back into the new unit.

    The only times I have seen cooler blockage, or filter blockage like this is when internal parts have disinterested to point of clogging said parts and usually the client comes back very shortly just to have us install a new rebuilt unit or they just say good buy to the car/truck cuz at this point it is not worth it.

    Ok, I think I have pissed on your parade enough. But don't say I didn't warn you.

    The adaptive memory of these older trucks were quite limited. They (adaptive memory) could account for some wear and tear, but nothing compared to today's tranny's. I would expect some very weird shifting in the future.

    Once the new fluid and filter will have captured all the remaining debris, what will account for the clearances that maybe may be seeming to shift normally or "great" as you say? The gunk that clogged your trans filter and possibly cooler did not come from outer-space. It came from the inside of your trans.

    Watch this video. Eric the car guy makes great videos.

  29. Nickb2, maybe lasting me long enough to get another 1 anyways. And I will take ur advice on the cooler. The magnet wasn't really bad to my surprise!
  30. If your wondering what trans adaptive memory is, it is a algorithm inside the TCM (transmission control module) that adapts shifting by using input and output sensors and TCC and temp sensor to adapt shift as the transmission wears and tears. Allowing the transmission to function longer with looser tolerances than as before, when TCM's did not exist. Yours is a 1998, the TCM's algorithms were at their baby steps back then.
  31. I still definitely recommend some sort of Trans medic or other such additive in there. Absolutely no cleaning agent in the trans. Only the reverse flush of the cooler. If you add a cleaning agent to the trans, you will most definitely kill it.
  32. Well, I'm going to quibble a bit about '98 being so"ancient" and rudimentary. The Saturn TAAT, that started in '91, has pretty sophisticated adaptives. Yeah, it was a fresh design, and maybe on the leading edge, but I would think most others would have caught up by '98. I'm pretty sure my '97 4L60E also has adaptives, too.
  33. Bill, I don't think it is quibbling. Took me a while to understand that word, I had forgot what it meant. In the dictionary term, it says arguing about trivial matters.

    And yes, this in fact a trivial matter, but I find that most clients are misinformed as to what goes into their modern vehicles.

    I had a client the other day saying that his trans was acting up, when in fact the algorythm was so confused because of the driver settings.

    When I said we are farther ahead than back in the late 80's to early 90's, we don't have the luxury anymore of just having a basic drive ahead car.

    Take for instance a new law that has just passed here in Canada. Probably passed in the US also since we are so intertwined. As of 2018, all vehicles will be mandated to have back up cameras. I find this crazy and invasive. If I don't want a pop up screen in my basic drive car, why should it be imposed to me?

    Anyway, back to the driver settings. This high end car had 3 driver settings. Now the client only thought it went as far as how the seat rearranged itself and the pedals adjusted. But it goes way farther than that. The client was unaware of this. I guess he didn't read his owners guide. It also logged the driving habits of each 3 drivers that accounted for the seat settings. Hence the shift patterns changed for each driver as it learned their habits.

    And yes, I totally agree, trans adaptive have been around for along time now. My old 1992 BMW 325i had a very sophisticated program that adapted very quickly to different drivers. I could tell when I lent it to a girl friend and when I would drive it, it was less aggressive when I took the wheel for the first few klics.

    I don't think this is quibbling. But maybe meant for another thread.

    Without quibbling, trivial matters such as the light bulb and telecommunications as Alexander Graham Bell thought through a single wire, we would still be in the dark ages. Now we have LED lighting in our houses, smart phones that can fax and scan in the blink of an eye. To boot, a smart fridge that orders your food for you.

    Would I want any of these things? Hell no. I still don't have a cell phone and my newish car is a toyota echo that has no ABS, or electric windows and the CD player works fine. No adaptive memory for trans, it is a manual.
  34. If a new filter "Fixed" this transmission, I have to wonder how much debris was in the pan > getting sucked into filter >causing no fluid/no movement. Then I'd be wondering where all that debris came from.

    ETA: I see nickb2 already covered this, but it's worth repeating.