2001 mercury grand marquis battery terminal

2001 4. 6 130,000 miles.
The battery had a small pin hole in it close to the positive post. Not only do I need to replace the battery but I need to replace the terminal due to the corrosion. The question is can I use the old style terminal like I have on my older cars or do I need to stay with the smaller original type. If I need to use the oe type do they make one that bolts to the cable instead of crimping to it. I do plan to replace both terminals.
Any terminal that fits is OK. You might want to replace the entire cable if you are concerned about how to attach the terminal to the cable. Check with your local parts outlet. They have all types and combinations and you can decide which you want.
Fords use a positive engagement type starter with a 950 ampere load when first turned on, I would put something on decent or you may end up with starter damage. I don't have much respect for those terminals that clamp unto the cable with a couple of screws, they corrode out faster than you can shake a stick at them. Take Jack's advice and replace the entire cable with one of equal or preferably greater gauge. That's a smaller number.