2002 ranger 3.0 heater core hose leak

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MAKE: Ford
MODEL: Ranger
YEAR: 2002
MILES: 130000

Its leaking at a tee on top of the engine one goes to the front of the motor the other goes to the heater core not sure where the other goes. Its leaking pretty good from this tee. I did a little digging and it looks like I have to replace the entire assembly.

Can't I just put an ordinary tee with some hose clamps in there.



Staff member
Do those three hoses feel rubbery, like an ordinary heater hose? If so, I would go for the tee. Your main problem will probably come from the two different sizes of hose there.
Yes you can install a tee. If auto parts store can't accommodate the "two size" issue, you might try a hardware store. Removing the original part can be fussy, if you need the hoses to remain full length.