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2004 Pacifica TRS Issue

  1. MAKE: Chrysler
    MODEL: Pacifica
    YEAR: 2004
    MILES: 200k kms
    ENGINE: 3.5
    DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Greetings, all. Working on a 2004 Pacifica AWD (41AE) that has a transmission range sensor issue. Codes P0706, P0850. Boxes around all shift indicators, engine starts in any shifter position. No autostick or cruise control. Continuity check at the TRS shows it to be defective, thus requires replacing. I can get it to work long enough to plug the connector in, then it goes out again. Looks corroded down where the pins enter the sensor body. Connector was damaged, so it and the wiring back to the PCM have already been replaced. All battery ground wires were rotted and have been replaced. My question - can the valve body on this model vehicle be R&R'd without dropping the engine cradle first?
  2. Be patient, and bp042665 will see your post and give you an accurate answer. Someone else may know, but he will know for sure.
  3. yes you can but first take the shift cable off the shifter bracket at transmission and them move shift lever to the low position that will make it easyer to remover the valve body
  4. Fantastic - thanks! I don't have an engine support bar that works for this vehicle, so that will save me some time and money. I've had the pan off without issues, but wasn't sure if there was clearance for the valve body.
  5. Finally got to the job today. You do in fact need to drop the engine cradle to get enough access, but I managed to do it with the tools on hand. You need about 2" between the cradle and the frame at the front bolts with the engine jacked up to get enough clearance. About all you can do without that is remove the accumulator springs and pistons.

    The job itself was successful, but changed nothing. I noticed the TRS was not quite making full contact with the rooster comb plate, so I'll wager when I get back to it with the DMM I will find the same behavior from the new switch as the old.

    Edit - DMM says the new TRS is working perfectly. Much better than the old one. Shifter check with the engine off after battery reset confirms the PCM still can't see anything from the TRS. Re-wire job still looks good. Looks like this car wants a new PCM.