2005 dodge caravan

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    Please fill out the following to ask a question.

    MAKE: dodge
    MODEL: caravan
    YEAR: 2005
    ENGINE: 3.8
    DESCRIBE ISSUE....I have a 2005 dodge caravan, the check engine light is on I ran the code and it said high voltage on upstream o2 sensor .. I replaced the o2 sensor cleared the code check engine light stayed off till I shut the van off then restarted it .. Light came back on I rescaned it .. Same code I said heck with it kept driving the van for a while had a few 90 degree days and the van started "hunting " rpm up and down on idle wanting to die .. That quit once the weather cooled down I finally decided to buy another o2 sensor still samething ..... Ok after the long story here's my question ... This van has all the bells and whistles... DVD ,heated seat and so on... I've noticed the a alternator is sqeaking and has been this whole time but no signs of the battery not charging good or anything... And I figured that the code wouldn't be saying high voltage if the alternator was bad , wouldn't it be low voltage ... Anyway I've got a van with a check engine light and the code says o2 sensor ... Lol any ideas could my alternator be playing a part in this whole mess....
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    double post see other psot
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    OP, is it OK for me to delete this duplicate?

    Ha, when I posted this reply I got 8 duplicates of it that I had to delete...

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