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2006 Merc Grand Marquis Steering column making clunking sound while turning?

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    MODEL:Grand Marquis LS
    ENGINE:4.6 Liter
    DESCRIBE ISSUE....I noticed the steering column is making a clunking sound while turning and feels like it is catching on something that is causing the accelerator and brake pedal to vibrate and jerk. I turned once and it clunked and the brake pedal jerked and the steering wheel locked for a breif moment and I had to snatch it back to straighten out my turn. This only happens while turning the steering wheel. No vibration in steering wheel only the steering column. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Larry
  2. Very common issue, The u joints fail on these ford models. There was a TSB for that. I will try to find it and post back.
  3. Reminds me of the days when the only RWD vehicle I would buy would have a limited slip differential, 88 Supra still has this nice feature, time to replace the differential fluid. Use to sell it, now have to buy a compatible fluid and add an additive to it. Do you have the owners manual?

    If this doesn't work, have to replace the clutch plates, see rockauto has a bunch of different ones for your car, and yes, you do feel it on your steering wheel. On corners, one rear wheel is turning faster than the other, this is when that clunky starts. Real quick way to have differential problems with limited slip or whatever they are calling it now, is to have two tires on the rear of two different diameters, clutches are slipping all the time, even straight ahead.
  4. Thanks so much, NickD, for all the effort you put into helping me resolve this problem. It is my wife's car and I worry about her driving a car with this kind of problem. I did find a TSB that identifies the problem we are having. The noise is not in the engine area or the differential. It is in the area of the brake pedal and the steering column at the floor board. The TBS talks about a corrosion problem that Ford had with this model between the upper and lower steering columns. At one point there was a safety recall for this issue. I'm going to contact the dealer tomorrow and hopefully get it resolved. According to the safety recall, if separation occurs between the lower and upper steering column, the driver looses all steering.

    Thanks again, NickD. This forum is lucky to have guys like you willing to help others (like me) who are less knowlegable. Larry
  5. Can be as many as 20,00o parts in a vehicle, with many guys working on these things, its a miracle they all fit together. Sure trying to cut this number down, mostly all hardware fasteners, screws are becoming history, snap together, crimp, ultrasound welding, a bunch of throwaway parts, unibody is now the largest of throwaway parts. With experience, learns what works, what doesn't, yeah, recall that steering wheel problem.

    Then after its all tossed together, has to sell or a huge loss in investment, another killer is rush to market, often hear the comment, never enough time to do it right the first time, but always time to do it right the second.