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2007 Ram 3500 Trans Troubles

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    DESCRIBE ISSUE....While in the woods going about 5mph, started to hear a growl/noise then the slipping started, wouldn't go anywhere. Stranded!! Looked under the truck and no noticable leak but when i opened the hood, tranny fluid is coming out the dipstick tube. I just had the tranny serviced at the dodge dealer about 6 months ago and had no warning or previous codes or issues until a few days ago. Fluid still looks new and red and smells like atf. Any help on this issue is appreciated.
  2. did you scan for codes? even if light off
    Will it operate in 2WD ... Trans in R or Low ?

    Can you confirm trans is 68RFE?
  3. Yes it picked up a code but i need to get ahold of my son in law. it won't budge in any position. I'll find out if its a 68rfe. thank you kev2
  4. Yes it is a 68RFE. 6 speed auto. thanks
  5. He couldn't remember the exact code he pulled up but it had something to do with 1st and 2nd gear. thanks again
  6. this transmission has a big issue with the input drum stripping out in the drum
  7. Does that ruin the entire tranny or is it repairable. They told him at the shop he needs a rebuilt unit. Thank you for your time to reply.
  8. we do not know what is wrong with it.
    But going with BP's thoughts (input drum) it is a trans removal and then replace with yours rebuilt or a rebuilt unit the big difference is time without vehicle.
    I would not even mention custom or special parts* it makes for more confusion.

    I love these tutorials a picture = 1000 words

    * aftermarket components ie billet. HD etc this is Garys world to advise.
  9. He doesnt want a aftermarket tranny if he needs one I'm assuming Mopar has their own rebuilds for the ram 3500's. they quoted him 6000 for the job. WOW!!
  10. mopar dont rebuild them they get them out soursed but i have had 1 i couldnt fix and bought 1 with a 3 year warranty for around 3600.00 aftermarket but at my shop we always build what in the truck and i have expeirence many stripped out drums in the diesel just two much torque for the steel shaft and aluminum drum
  11. thank you bp, can you suggest where to get a reliable rebuild? Who nows what the dodge ram dealer gets theirs from?? I've looked a few on ebay and that price of 3600 is about what I've found. If my bro and I remove and install a reman, do you need to program it to the truck? thanks again..
  12. yes you will need to do a Quick learn to get the new CVI set in the computer i get my transmission from my parts supply company What Ever It Takes Transmission 1 (800) 940 - 0197 they are in the east coast but i can ask the who build them or you can call them and ask. im in south carolina
  13. thank you very much bp, i will pass this on to my son in law.
  14. Suggest Jasper for yor rebuild. Using them for 30 years and no complaints and a great warranty program if needed.
  15. where is jasper located? thank u
  16. http://www.jasperengines.com/

    one of the largest remanufacturers of engine and trans....
    Might want to pay attention of installation - I believe good warranty is tied to using their installers.
  17. you can use any licenced transmission shop
  18. thank you very much bp!
  19. I recommend Jasper use them for over 30 years. They are in all states have an 800 number and will ship direct to you and gives 30 days for core pickup. Dodge uses a co called ATR and they are trash in my opinion
  20. I second Jasper for both engine and transmissions.