2007 Tahoe Power Liftgate Latch Issue

Discussion in 'Domestics' started by NotTheStig, May 16, 2014.

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    On to my next issue with this "new" truck.

    This model (LTZ) has the power liftgate on the back and the latch actuator seems to be having issues. When I close the hatch, either by the button or by hand, I can hear the latch motor working, then between a few seconds and 30 seconds later I hear a "pop." If the alarm is set, it will go off. If the truck is on it will say that the rear hatch is open. Pulling on the handle in this state will not open the hatch until I push the button on the handle (which takes some time to release) so luckily the hatch won't open up while I'm driving (so far).

    I'm assuming that the latch is somehow out of alignment and the power latch mechanism is having trouble locking down. If that's the case, is there an easy alignment procedure or just trial and error?

    If it's not an easy fix (broken parts in the power lock), the dealer I got it from said they would fix it (again, since this happened on the lot before I bought it), but I'd like to avoid the 40 minute drive if I can.

    Thanks- Marc
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    gotta love it -- drives me f'in crazy - attach techII -
    we all have that tool and the latest updates so inexpensive Bill R has 2 :)

    I will ck for a DIYer apporach

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