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2008 Pontiac Torrent radio stays on

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    MAKE: Pontiac
    MODEL: Torrent
    YEAR: 2008
    DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Radio is supposed to turn off when the driver's door opens, and it used to do so. I don't normally drive the car, but when I drove it yesterday, I shut it off, opened the door, and the radio was still on.

    Looked for a door switch but couldn't find it...where is the door-open sensor or switch located? I suspect it's gone bad.

    Other ideas?
  2. OK, I did a little research, the switch is apparently part of the door latch mechanism. Seems to me when the door opens and the interior lights come on (which they do, like they're supposed to), that the switch is OK. I've read that the wires that lead to the switch and/or the connector can be the problem as well.
  3. Check RAP relay- could it be sticking?

    OOPs may be wrong on relay BUT pulling it is to easy not to check... sorry
  4. No luck, but it was worth a try. Next step...door latch switch, I guess.
  5. Ha, when I first got my 92 DeVille, radio stayed on after I removed the key, what the heck? Read the owners manual, said this was normal, but sure questioning the logic behind this, dey are doing dis on all newer vehicles.

    Recall all the vehicles I have owned in the past where zero wires ran to the doors, a ton of them today, more new problems. Supra still has door switches, can tap those closed with duct tape, when doing electrical work, with the key in the ignition, that alarm can drive you nuts, my excuse. Most of them are part of the door locks now.

    Always hot is the latest problem, if they stay hot, wake up to a dead battery. Radios are not radios anymore, are computers, was a weak area without a good power on reset, Cruze was this way with a dirty ignition relay contact, lost complete control over it. Played loud, no way to switch it off.

    Got a new 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited with a thermostat heater in it, battery terminal was a tad loose, without a proper POR, that heater would stay on dropping the engine temperature to next to nothing. Practically all new vehicles are doing this, using point contact relays for switching, couldn't have chosen a worse kind of relay to use, others have self cleaning sliding contacts. One tiny spec of arcing causes all kinds of problems.

    Should advertise, you want problems, we've got problems.
  6. My Duh...I just noticed that the interior lights do not go on when the driver's door is opened and do go on when the passenger door is opened. :idea: Should have looked at that first.

    I have "seen the light" and will look into the door wiring and switch.