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2008 toyato avalon P0017

  1. MAKE: toyato MODEL: avalon YEAR: 2008 MILES: 89000

    ENGINE: 3-5 v6

    DESCRIBE ISSUE....I recently changed spark plugs for firsts time. I broke a wire on a sensor bank \ a and so I replaced with a new plug piggyback. I matched wires up to piggyback and started car up and the engine which was on went off. I drove car maybe 10 miles then again engine light came on again. I checked car with a diag checker and this message came up POOiy oyeS 1/1 generic, crankshaft position camshaft position correlation bank i sensor b. I replace the sensor and engine light goes out but when I drive car light comes on and the diag scanner states same thing. I can erase the codes on scanner and engine light goes out. I drive and again and engine light come son and again I erase and does same thing, the scanner shows the Pooiy in the read codes and pending codes but again I can erase and the scanner says cleared codes but again I can drive maybe i maybe 10 miles but engine light comes on. the car was fine until I changed spark plugs and broke one wire form a sensor but I corrected that problem. need some advice.
  2. Ok, I will try to help you, but your writing has me confused. I am a french guy, so sometimes I have to have complete and accurate english to help me with my translation.

    So if I understand correctly, you replaced the spark plugs and broke the wiring for the CKP sensor which you then repaired with a "piggy back".

    Can I ask, what does "new plug piggy back" mean?

    This also has me confused.

    So, anyway, here is a flowchart and trouble shoot for your correlation problem, wiring should be included in the PDF ACE0.
  3. Jessie, is English a "second language" for you? Perhaps you can have a friend or relative help you with these posts so we can understand better what your symptoms are.
  4. I suspect "piggyback" is what I would call "pigtail".

    If the replacement pigtail is not 100% match with wire color/ AND POSITION in connector, the wires may be crossed.

    This may be one of those times when car needs a OEM part to work right and not set a code.