2011 Impala: Self-Re-program New Key?

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    MAKE: Chevy
    MODEL: Impala
    YEAR: 2011
    MILES: ??
    ENGINE: V6
    2011 Impala: Self-Re-program New Key?

    My father's car up in New England. He had cut a new key at a lumber yard and apparently had it re-programmed at the dealer, but the key has never worked properly. It gets stuck in the ignition and you have to jiggle it to get it out. It doesn't get used except when we're visiting and my brother is up there now asking me about it. I told him I thought the key was never cut properly, but wasn't sure if my father could've re-programmed the new key himself. Some vehicles allow this.

    If we cut him another key, is this one of the vehicles that allows self-re-programming, or is it a trip to the dreaded dealer??

    This is not a "fancy" model Impala. Just your run-of-the-mill variety. If it were *my* car I could tell you exactly, but that's all I know about this one.
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    As long as a master key is on hand, up to ten keys can be programmed. If your dad had to go to the dealer to get it reprogrammed, I am assuming that the key cut at the lumber yard that sticks in the ignition is now the master key. Use that one to program a new or a few keys that fit better.

    The procedure is simple.

    Insert valid master key into ignition, turn on without starting engine, turn off ignition, remove key and within ten seconds, insert key to be learned and turn to on without staring engine. That key has now been learned.
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