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2014 Sonata front defrost not working - found TSB - time estimate?

  1. MAKE:Hyundai
    MILES:About 45000
    Hi folks. Front defrost isn't working. Other modes work. Just wondering what's a reasonable time for a mechanic to fix this if TSB below is the problem. I don't have the full text, but guessing it's about replacing part 4 (97203-3S000 Separator) and/or 23 (97147-3S000 Door DEFROST) if not exactly TSB problem.

    Thank you.

    Manufacturer Communication Number: 5NP-D4B5F-04
    NHTSA ID Number: 10110929

    Some Sonata (YF) vehicles may develop a condition with the separator plate in the
    middle of the heater box (Heater & Evaporator Assembly) becoming warped and may cause
    interference against one or more of the internal flaps that control air flow to the vents.
    This condition may result in HVAC system exhibiting abnormal noise from the heater box, difficulty to control the vented temperature, blocked airflow due to improper mode control, and/or airflow stuck in defrost mode.
  2. I see a NHTSA number - be advised their information related to real TSB's is useless- I'am being kind.
    I would NOT recommend you diagnose this yourself. The tech will then follow the TSB whether it corrects your issue or not - you pay .

    The TSB is attached - the # is 17-HA-001 labour operation is 97206R00 @3.5 Hrs, be advised there are consumables also.
    I doubt an independent shop would touch this for the factory time.
    If you can get an authorized Hyundai dealer to repair for that time I strongly suggest you make an agreement. Even to the point of contacting Hyundai customer service.

    Maybe a colleague will suggest a time BUT 3.5 Hrs is ludicrous low.

    Good luck let us know.
  3. Thank you very much, kev2. I'll see what a dealer might say too. At least it's some confirmation to expect higher time quotes.