2016 Ford Fusion Erratic Odometer

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MAKE: Ford
MODEL: Fusion
YEAR: 2016
MILES: 37000
ENGINE: base 4 cyl
in watching the odometer at a steady highway speed the tenths of miles click off at inconsistent times. One tenth might take nine seconds to advance to the next digit, then that digit would advance after two or three seconds. This behavior seems to be completely random.
How can this be an accurate odometer?
some thoughts-
there are no problems with speedometer?

A 2016 model any warranty ?

Did you just acquired this from other that a ford dealer?
knowing history would be nice.
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I second Dabunk and Jack.

I had this problem when I bought the only new car I swear I would never buy. Long story short, ex wife wanted a new car cuz she didn't like my trusty old beaters.

The first legs of the car gave me the impression the speedo was off by ten or so km's per hour. SO before I went to the dealer, I borrowed a fishing GPS from a fish nut I worked with. And yes, the speedometer was in fact off by ten. I also compared it to the now ex wifes dad's car. We drove while in contact on cell phone, he would swear to me he was at 100 km's per hour while mine showed 110.

So armed with this, I had enough proof to stick it to the dealer.

Here is where it got funny. Service guy looks at me with my mechanics uniform on and gives me "not another day like this at the office" look.

So service guy comes back to tell me that his tech looked at the car. I said, what did he find? He found nothing, car is new and ok. I said really. May I have your service manager plz?

Yup he says. I say, I got a very high end GPS here, want to go for a drive?

Drive it with service manager in passenger seat with GPS in his hand. GPS has acquired three satellites and is indicating we are moving at 110 per hour and I point to the dash and ask the manager, what does that speedometer indicate. He says 100. I say, see what I mean?

He says, that GPS may be defective. I say, oh yeah, lets try another car. Same options and blah blah. So he does that. He asks the tech that looked at the car to take a new car off the lot and come with us. He instructs the tech to drive 100, no more. We drive along side and all along I am at 110. Mind you, GPS is still in service managers hands and it is indicating 100km's per hour. ;) I say, I guess that GPS is good after all!!:eek:

I say, proof enough? Now what are you going to do? He says we will fix it. I said fine. Car never did get fixed, claimed the company found nothing wrong with the car. I say you are ripping me off of 10000km's warranty. Cuz warranty is 100000km's but my odometer will be at 110000 by then. So hyundai in all their glorious benevolence gave us 30000km extra warranty. But that never did fix the issue. But I was happy they did in some sorts acknowledge that the car had a defect by tacking on the extra few km's on the warranty. But I still think they could have done better.

I was in the midst of separation with the wife so I couldn't care less about getting it fixed or pushing the issue further. In fact, I thought it would make me laugh if the soon to be ex wife caught a few speed tickets. :confused:

But I always had to keep in mind I was off 10klics per hour to be mindful of speed traps when driving that car.

So, my advice is, get some proof, such as a GPS, or get it tested against a new car with service manager. He has the most pull to get the service guy's and techs inline to fix it.
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MY $.02
the vehicle utilized a speed sensor input - it is the IPM* (speedo) that converts that info (data) into odometer display** - that is what I suspect is NFG.
The module is tasked with MPH and KPH as well as the miles or kilometer conversions as you switch.

Is this worth a paper trail - repair order- as you do not own it and a service apt is a PIA your call. Just something to let ford know as it may be a bigger issue later .

* Having a brain fart - cannot remember the module name or acronym -
** I asked about history - modern odometer tampering causes these funny events as the data is compromised.


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Nickb2, your speedo was reading too fast, no worry about getting a speeding ticket because of just it. Did you ever check the odo relative to the GPS? The speedo and odo don't always have the same error.