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3" Abrasive Disks

  1. I use a die-grinder with 3" x 1/16" disks for a wide variety of jobs. Recently, I left my stash of disks at another location and had to get some quick. I got some from Harbor Freight, but was unsure of the quality, so just got a few. I am finding that they cut better and last longer than the "name brand" ones I have used over the years! The only issue was that they are for a 3/8" arbor, so I had to make a bushing to adapt them to my 1/4" stuff; well worth the effort considering that they work well, cost less, and are readily available.
  2. Well Bill, you never cease to amaze me. I have one of these type deals for my cutting wheels. Is this what you mean? http://www.roarksupply.com/product-p/3incharbor.htm

    Is this what you bought? The warrior ones? http://www.harborfreight.com/3-in-40-grit-metal-cut-off-wheel-25-pc-61355.html

    What was your usual brand? Mine is 3m but they are pricey. But they last a long time depending on what I am cutting. Obviously. @ cost I can get away with a 5pack for about 14-15$. But that is with my trade card.

    Funny note, an old boss cheaped out and bought a few 100 packs and 50packs of these really cheap cutting wheels, he was so proud of himself for saving $ until one of the guys got his cheek split. Those disks were the most chintziest things and they looked exactly like this. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/3-Cut-Off-Wh...570981?hash=item5b2065dea5:g:a~8AAOSwBLlU-R8R

    They said made in Canada. Hmmm, IDON'T THINK SO!! More chunks of those wheels would fly every-which where than the material we were cutting. A hacksaw would have been quicker, had to change out those disks constantly. Safe to say the boss got the drift. Buy cheap, buy twice.

    Tell me what brand you bought, and much did you pay for them. I will see if my parts guy can get those for me. Always good to save money.

    I know it's written in my monikor, ex car tech, that just means I am not getting formal training anymore, that is why I am here all the time. This way it keeps me on my toes with the industry trends. But my tools and brains do get used up once in a while.

    How did you make the spacer?

    I am considering buying one like this as the one I have is pretty much abused after so many years.

    What do you think of this one? The arbor has two slots for both and no need for two different adapters. Looking at the price, IDK, but sure looks practical. Here is the link.
  3. Thia is what pisses me off about harbour freight. Read this.

    Currently, Harbor Freight offers shipping to [​IMG] Canada (excluding Quebec) and [​IMG] Australia only.

    1. All items must be in stock in the warehouse (no backordered items).
    2. No single item/entire order weighing 150 pounds or oversized items can be shipped out of the country.*
    3. No “truck” or gas items can be shipped internationally.*
    4. International orders are not eligible for coupons (domestic orders only).
    *We suggest a freight forwarding company for delivery.

    Shipping FedEx:
    • The weight or overall dimensions determine shipping costs, whichever is greater.
    • Shipping charges do not include any brokerage, taxes or duties that may be applicable to your order.
    • Standard delivery time: 7–10 business days (including processing time).
    • Standard payment type: payment may be received by credit card or money transfer (for orders $500 or greater, a wire transfer is required).
    • Shipping charges are non-refundable on processed orders.
    • Shipping quotes are valid for 30 days.
  4. Yes, my arbors look like that, but never came with the screw with 3/8" shoulder. I just made a "shoulder washer" that fits under the head on my 1/4" screw. I have also used just a simple plastic tube for similar use when a disk spins and the hole gets reamed out; but I wanted this to be more of a long-term item. I also have simple 1/4" screws that I double-nut on either side of disks. You just have to use a good quality screw, as any unbalance on the disk will quickly bend a soft screw until snaps off! The HF disks I have are the Warrior ones, but 60-grit, as the 40s came in that big pack and I didn't want to risk those big dollars on an unknown; wanted to try them out first. Over the years I have used mainly disks from National Abrasives, and more recently Griton supplied by McMaster-Carr. Yeah, they are double the price of the HF, but I never cared before because my employer was paying. As to breaking/exploding them, any brand can suffer that; so much is up to the operator. The deeper the cut, the more likely that is, so I don't usually use 4" disks, I can't go in deep enough to make use of the extra diameter without increased risk of the breakage.
  5. While we are on the topic, I also love this brand, http://www.tools-plus.com/sait-23040-100.html

    I am holding one in my hands right now and have found one of those cheap ones I talked about in the other post. The SAIT is very stiff compared to that el-cheapo 18$ for 50pack. The cheap one almost instantly cracked, actually, I should say, snapped. The SAIT takes a considerable amount of pressure just to bend it a little.

    The SAIT ones on this site say they are 118$ for 100, but I must say, they are very tough, safer. If you can get your hands on a few of those, try them out. They are made is USA, so you should find those at your local parts store. Just try one. You will see.

    On my end, I will try to find that warrior brand. So far no joy with google + canada search. Maybe the comany has branded the same disc under another name.

    Anyways, boring topic for others, but when you work with these tools long enough, you tend to appreciate quality over price.
  6. It turns out that the ones I bought are the 40-grit, but I didn't get a lot because of uncertainty about the quality.

    So far, I am on my first HF disk, and have done enough grinding that I would have expected to have gone through two, or more. It is worn down to 2-5/8" OD...
  7. It's been a year now, and they continue to impress me. I'm on my fifth one now, but it's still pretty fresh.
  8. I like to keep several arbors with wheels at various stages of wear. Because sometimes you want a fresh wheel for a fast cut, or to reach past some sort of obstruction, and sometimes you want a small wheel due to limited space.
  9. Yes, when my wheels get down to an inch or so in OD I stop using them because they will wear the rest of the way quickly, but I keep those for the "small places".