82 Chevy 454 CID Carter fuel pump.



Ha, made it back, 802 miles, but got within ten miles from home going up a steep hill and the engine started missing, thought it was going to die, but I woke up and hit the electric fuel pump switch, then the engine ran fine again, did stutter a little on a second steep hill with the electric on, but ran will fine on a third very steep hill. Was cool driving up, but we drove back in 97*F weather, was able to drive 790 miles just using the new mechanical pump. Feel the extra heat was causing vapor lock and thinking about taking a second look at the fuel line routing, but glad the vehicle does have the auxiliary fuel pump.

Also better look into suspension issues, haven't touched that yet, lots of two lane driving through small towns with little cars jumping in front, really had to slam hard on the brakes, but felt just like crushing them. Have nose diving problems, the original old looking front shocks have overload springs on them, and even jumping on the front bumper hardly causes any movement. Any replacement shock recommendations would be highly appreciated.