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'83 700r4

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    MODEL:K5 Blazer
    ENGINE:350 cid
    DESCRIBE ISSUE....The transmission started leaking from the 2-4 servo cover after replacing the servo gasket and servo cover gasket it still leaks. Is there a certain way to reinstall the gasket? or could there be a bigger problem I'm not seeing? Thanks for the help.
  2. I show 700r4 2-4 servo as a series of O rings - attachment.
    Am I looking at wrong component?
  3. The only other rings I saw were the flat metal rings attached. The only rubber seals that I had seen where the 2 that were replaced
  4. hope this helps - sometimes a picture is best.
  5. The lasted one you sent was for the 4L60e. I'm wondering why it's still leaking from the same spot. It leaks from the 3 o'clock position from the cover.
  6. I see why you sent the 4L60E diagram. I had forgotten how identical they are.
  7. same trans 700r4 and 4L60
  8. I just remembered that. Sorry, I'might justhe frustrated. I had already fixed 2 leaks previously and then this one shows up.
  9. one of the members here is our resident trans expert - he owns a trans business - He will see this and ad his professional insight when he stops by. Maybe some tips on installing the seals or what may have gone wrong...
    Tell us what were the other leaks - maybe the big picture will help him get a better idea of what going on.
  10. I had to repair the lower cooling line, because someone had tried to fix it before and flared the end cockeyed and I had to replace the grommet for the dip stick.
  11. That would be great if he could. Thanks again.
  12. hey Chuck it could be a cracked cover i have only seen that twice also the blue o ring is the outter cover and red is the inner one also i have seen them get pinched on installing it i have done this a few times if it gets cocked eyed going in
  13. I will check the cover and the servo to make sure the gaskets weren't pinched. I'm just hoping the case didn't get cracked somehow.
  14. Is there a way to remove the cover without ruining the o ring?
  15. yes once you pop out the lock ring the cover should move to were you can get to the o ring with a small pick get behind the oring and pull it out some while rotating the cover and it should pop right out
  16. I"ll give that a try today.
  17. I did as you said and made sure everything went in straight and even put a new o ring on the cover just in case and as soon as the motor caught it started pouring out the 3 o'clock position again.
  18. I just thought about this. Could a partial blockage in one of the cooling lines be causing too much back pressure and forcing fluid through that o ring?
  19. maybe but not likely i would check the return line fitting to make sure its not cracked at the case i have seen that also and in makes it look like its the servo it sits right above it at the 3 o clock position
  20. The only problem is I watched it come pouring out of that spot and the fitting for the return line wasn't leaking.
  21. ok maybe try another cover
  23. I'll stop by one of the transmission rebuild shops today and pick one up.
  24. I fiundon't a kink in the return line. So I found one in a junk yard and replaced it. So far no leaks. Gonna replace the lost fluid and see if it returns. Fingers crossed
  25. Thanks for all the help I was able to eliminate a lot of possible issues.