84 Monte Carlo stalled and would not restart.

big al

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Aug 27, 2007
84 did have an option of electronic carb (quadrajet), and most them in that era had them. I love Monte's and g-body's and have close to 20 as i collected them for a while (still have a 78 today). Anyway, these carbs can be run in mechanical mode as i ran one all last summer on 350 in a 1951 chevy. It was an electronic model with wires disconnected and acted as a standard mechanical carb with O problems whats so ever. However they are more finicky that a standard q-jet, or edelbrock. If they go dry on ethanol blended gas we have these days, they can stick the needle valve not allowing enuff fuel to meet your needs or stick open and flood the piss out of it (be careful with that). They also like to crude up the idle circuit causing crappy idle if any (if they go dry). Did you have any stabil (or similar) in tank before taking it to storage?? Have some run time with it in tank??. Egr is easy to check on these cars (vacuum operated). Alot of people dislike q-jets, but if they are right they are REALLY good and are spot on. My son still runs a q-jet on his 469 Pontiac motor and its friggin animal. They are easy to rebuild and also cheap to rebuild (do it). If you are a newbie at carbs then take notes. Remember to count the number of turns as you remove the mixture screws. Idle os self explanetary. One tip i give is epoxy the plugs on the lower bottom portion of the carb and the 2 on top ( youll see the pressed in plugs).