A604/41TE Questions, Learning Only

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MAKE: Chrysler
MODEL: Town & Country
YEAR: 1998
MILES: 213000
DESCRIBE ISSUE....Okay, learning for future here, first time disassembling a tranny. Based on symptoms and consulting with a couple of good tranny guys, knew the OD clutches were probably bad. Took out the input drum and disassembled that far enough to remove those clutches and confirm that they were bad, and made sure that next snap ring in there was good, since I understand they can break. The 5-prong thrust washer was also trashed so replaced that. Thing is, the UD/OD hubs and sungear came out with the drum too, and so did the front planet. Putting it all back together, spent much time trying to make sure that planet was all the way down, but apparently it wasn't. Guess the input drum never got all the way seated, and it would appear that I damaged the planet. Since there was also a hydraulic whine that I was never convinced I had a handle on, I gave up and got a Pick 'N Pull tranny for $50 and got the van running. Got lucky there, but still want to know; in general, could a guy re-install that front planet without further disassembling the tranny? In order to get those clutches all aligned? Thanks, MT.
Sorry, correcting above...obviously the UD/OD hubs are inside the input drum. The sungear and front planet coming out with the input drum was what started my challenges. MT


hunting nut
ok when reassembling the drum you put all the hubs in as you go them when installing the drum in the transmission take out the speed sensor and you can look in there and the teeth on the input drum should be in the middle of the hole thats how i can tell if i got it seated all the way
More fun; because the battery had been disconnected, it took a long time for the OBDII readiness monitors to complete. ON THE WAY HOME FROM PASSING SMOG the CEL came on, and I got P0700, P0720 (Output speed sensor), P0731 (gear 1 incorrect ratio) and P0732 (gear 2 incorrect ratio). I never had the pinion factor scan procedure done at the shop...thought I got off lucky...but do I need that? I'm thinking these codes all suggest so. Thanks, D.


hunting nut
i Do a Quick learn and pinion factor any time i disconnect the battery at my shop but also check the wire connector at the output speed sensor they have problems with them because they sit below the battery area