Alldata User Discussion

This thread is for Alldata users who need help locating something in the system, finding the information they need for the repairs.
Or for folks who are thinking about getting Alldata and have questions.

This is NOT to be used for complaining about something.

Note: Understand that we are NOT the official support for Alldata.


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I have Alldata for all my cars. I highly recommend it. I had a motor mount problem with my 2001 DTS. The dealer did not pick up the problem whereas a TSB showed a heat shield that would protect the front Motor Mount. I printed it out from ALLdata and gave it to the dealer. Problem solved.
i am a owner of a transmission and general auto repair shop and i got alldata pro i highly recommend it to every repair shop that call me for trans and auto info
I am taking the plunge with Alldata. Hopefully they are all you say because I'm tired of crappy 3rd party manuals and I'd like to be able to just get the info I need to do what I need to do, as well as help me make the right determination what the right things to do are.

Information is King. Online, live subscription support = good (this I know from the EDA tools world).

This is not the vehicle I was going to work on today but I have investigated factory service manuals for my 2003 Eurovan. How does Alldatacompare?

I am going to purchase a subscription for my 2000 Excursion this morning anyhow, but I understand that's a domestic vehicle - so I guess the question is if if in your experience that the materials are consistent for all makes/mfr of vehicles and not just domestic?


OK, I've got it but all I can find is where the part is and how much it's going to cost me, list price. Where are the repair procedures located on the Alldata site? 2000 Ford Excursion 4x4 V10.


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If there is green "repair information" bullet next to a component and there is no detailed repair information, does that mean there is none available or perhaps is incomplete? For example, I have a 2008 Torrent and looking up the Strut/shock tower repair information, there is only a customer service bulletin and parts information, but no repair information.

*Not a complaint* ;) In this case replacing the struts is easy, but for someone who's never done it, it might be an issue. Just wondering if information is updated or if what you see is what you get.