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Autel MS908 for sale

  1. I don't know if I am in the right thread for this. I know there is a category for things for sale in the mechanics lounge, but could not find one in the general lounge.

    Anyway, if I am not in the right place, an admin will take care of that..

    Ok, used Autel MS908. For those who know, one of the, if not the best Bi-directional scanner out there in my opinion. But opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one.

    We are upgrading to the elite version of this same scanner as it has better CPU, battery, interface etc.

    So our old one is up for grabs.

    PM if you are interested. Scour the internet and name your price. I know what it's worth, so don't be ignorant in your responses.
  2. PS, I may be able to locate a scope for that model. It is a 4 channel. The new one comes with the same scope, but I don't know if my boss is going to sell the old one or keep it for himself.

    If it was up to me, I would probably buy it myself, but I have acces to scanners galore all day long and don't see the need to buy this one.

    But I am sure this little beauty will find a home for a serious DIYR.
  3. Also, it is upgradable to the "P" version for the J2534 protocol. We would have paid for that, but the elite version is were we are going since it has the interface in the box.

    Box is new with all adapters imaginable.

    Ok, nuff said. Who wants it?