Code 300 - random misfire


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Jan 14, 2007
I have heard (seen on TV actually, Motor Week) that if a fuel injected engine has a Fly By Wire (no mechanical linkage) accelerator pedal, the way to clean both sides of the Throttle Plate while ("whilst" for our Beloved Canadians, Hi, nb2!) is to turn Ignition ON and have an assistant hold the pedal down with Engine NOT running... The PCM will open the throttle plate. If we force it open, PCM may set a Code, saying Pedal and Throttle positions don't match.

Did a little Stinger Research and it seems that only Honey Bees have a barbed stinger that makes them a one-sting critter, pulling the bee's venom sac out and leaving the stinger in our hide. Actual Bees only. Try to work it out with a scraping action to avoid squeezing the last of the venom out before the barb is out. Wasps don't and Hornets (aka Yellow Jackets) don't leave the stinger, but the Hornet's sting is worse for most of us. Article says "If stung by a Hornet, Run! Same one(s) can sting again."

Speaking of Language, I think there's a Yellow Jacket brand of air conditioning tools. Or, for $139 with free shipping, you can get a Yellow Jacket for your iPhone. It's case, backup battery, and isn't Yellow. The sting implication comes from its Built in....TASER!
Mar 1, 2002
Yellow Jacket Iphone case? DO NOT operate phone while sleepy or intoxicated!
Aug 28, 2007
Youngest daughter was buying gas from a gas station six blocks from us, not only misfires, but complete stalls, told her a million times not to buy gas from them, has as water, but dad, its closest!

When stalled, grabbed my fuel pump tester, drove out, knew where the fuel pump relay was, jumped it and poured out water, was good to go again.

Also ignorant, took my motorhome north last fall, had two gas stations, a Shell and a Holiday, chose Shell, after driving about ten miles, stalled. Pulled to the side of the road, crawled under, disconnected the fuel filter and had my wife switch on the electric fuel pump. transparent type, could see the water flow out. Dark, glad I had a flashlight. Then after a few rough starts was good to go again.

Talked to my son about this, he goes north all the time, everybody knows that Shell gas station has water in it, well except me.

Is it possible your gas station is selling you water for over three bucks per gallon?

Water in gas is a major problem, all the airports I was serving had to switch to above ground tanks, should do the same for gas stations. Even my son picked the wrong gas station, a Mobile near his home. On a trip to Milwaukee, purchased a couple cans of Heat and tossed that in, helped a little, but got us home.