Drill Dr. Would you buy one?


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Hello all;

I have a friend who is selling his drill doctor for 50$.

The model can be bench mounted. I have used it a few times, and just find the set up time seems long and I just tend to go to the bench grinder and do as usual with my normal upward twisting motion that I have used all my life.

He loves this thing, he bought the upgraded version and wants to sell me his old one.

I wanted to know if any of you guy's have one of these contraptions, and if so, do you like it? Does it perform as "seen on TV"? :cool:

The one he would be selling me is this one. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Drill-Doctor-Drill-Bit-Sharpener-XP2/100375865

Every time I have used it, I found I could not get an aggressive pitch angle. Is the Drill DR set @ 120degrees? The product states it has variable relief angles, I could not seem to get those to work. My buddy just chucks them in there and whirs away and swears on a bible that the bit will chew. I was not impressed, but maybe it was lack of knowledge on how to use the contraption. I am soon to be 42yrs old, so I am mid old school. Leaning more on old school.

IDK, I want to try something new, but I was not as thoroughly impressed. Every one else seems to be. I worked for a few shops that had them, and they just seemed to gather dust. Maybe I am just not using it right. Before I buy it, I will play a drill bit time game with my buddy.

I will sharpen from blunt tip, as will he. If when I am done with my technique on the bench grinder, and he is done on the drill dr, we will see which bit chews the deepest and still has a biting angle left. If he beats me, I will buy it.

Anyway, just wanted feedback so I make an educated guess. I don't want to buy a 50$ paperweight. :D
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BTW, I have a "supposedly" carbide drill bit kit, that was way overrated, lying around.

Enough so, they had doubles and triples in the kit. So my buddy and I will have same bits to play this game. I have not much to loose except for a 12 pack which I will probably end up drinking half, so If he wins, I get a 50$ drill dr, at my expense of course. If he looses, he can keep his contraption and we still had fun.

Still not convinced. But alot of guys say, that once you get the hang of it, it works as advertised.

Oh, and my buddy is a sweet talker, he can sell a fridge to an eskimo. He once tried to sell me on a set of NAPA hub nut sockets. The first 32mm socket almost melted in front of me. I stopped and said, you got ripped off, and you won't stave your shyte on me.

I guess my DAD rubbed off on me, he used to say, "if it too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true".

Blunt fact of life. But sometimes, you do get a surprise. I am hoping this drill contraption will be the exception.
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My crystal ball tells me I will probably chuck 50$ on the table and use a ball peen hammer to smash this thing to smithereens. We will be done with it.

Should be a fun night. As long as the girls stay out of the garage. :D


Wrench. I help when I can
Well, the day after the game. I didn't have to throw down 50$. My technique won over the doctor. I chalk this one up to experience.

We did have fun though, but that contraption is worthless. I still don't know why he loves those drill dr's.

This reminds me of a printer. You can buy a printer for the price of a cartridge. I googled the diamond sharpening wheel, 20$ on amazon, and that does not include shipping.

So I said no thanks.

On a funny note, next door neighbor is putting on a garage sale. I gave him my shop vac. I said if you can sell it for twenty, give me a ten.

Reason why, my vaccum thingy is broken. Shop vac makes a hell of a noise. So I will invest the 10$ on a new vacuum. Now that I broke off with my GF, I need a new vacuum. That was her dept. Found a nice one on Kijjiji. 40$ and has all the adapters.

I always wondered why there was more dust after vacuum. Probably the shop vac. Duh!!

Chicks/girls break the weirdest things. Two tens for a five. Who said kiss my arse?

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I didn't comment before, but was interested here. I, too, have never felt those drill sharpeners were much good. My only question was how small a bit could they do, as that is my limitation in hand-sharpening; I can't do much under 1/8" or so.

One of my most wonderful moments as a kid was when I discovered I could sharpen dull drills! That first time I was just using a file, but it made a dramatic difference. Since then I have used most anything handy, perhaps a big body-grinder being the most crude.


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@Bill, I must say

I sifted a few bits from dull on a limestone. That aha moment that you describe can only be felt by experience.

I thank you for that response, cuz that is exactly what I said to my buddy. Useless tool.

I krept off his couch this morning, way too much vodka. But still had this in my brain.

You just hammered home exactly what I was trying to say.
Hey Nick....I have a drill doctor out on my workbench....A friend bought it for me one year ......about 10 or 12 years ago...maybe more...it's brand new...still sitting there...I have never used it...seemed like it would take more time to set it up than what it was worth....Jim
I have one of these. Works good, it has better luck than me with small bits. Larger bits, I can do with hand/eye, 4 inch Makita angle grinder.


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Ooops, did you just say Makita?

I am going to close this thread because I knew from the get go, that drill DR seemed worthless.

However, Mobile Dan said the magic word.

I have bought makita products and they are awesome.

I for the life of me never knew they made what Mobile Dan linked to.

I still have a makita drill kit and still stuck on stupid. Way better than craftsmen or blue point or whatever.

Thank you guys. But I am seeing that maybe we are all saying the same thing. That contraption lacks in the smaller diameter bits.


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Ok, just revived this thread.

Well, I investigated for that makita Mobile Dan has. Not an easy thing to find.

@Dan, where did you buy that? So I called Makita, they say they never made a drill bit sharpener. None Nada.

The guy had a very difficult accent, maybe texas or close to there.

He laughed at me, as did I to him. It is funny when two cultures collide. But when men speak tools, it is a universal language.

He said "hang tight", which I knew meant stay on the line. He came back on the phone and said, sorry, you are asking for a product that never existed.

So the search for a magic drill sharpening tool continues.


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Dan didn't say the drill-sharpener was Makita, he was noting that he sharpens larger bits with a Makita angle-grinder...


Wrench. I help when I can
I have one of these. Works good, it has better luck than me with small bits. Larger bits, I can do with hand/eye, 4 inch Makita angle grinder.
Oh, ok, yeah, I can see how I misunderstood that. But then again, I automatically googled 4 inch Makita angle grinder. I have never used a angle grinder to sharpen bits. My bad.

Really not worth wasting our time. As I said, I got carried away when I thought he said makita. Best drills I have ever owned.

Just got off the phone also with sears outlet . com.

Trying to track down the infamous craftsmen "v" ratchet. Guy said coupon should be in my e-mail within 42hrs.

7 days later, no e-mail. I called them back, no mention of my track order. Who did I speak to?

First one had an awful Pakistani accent, he even asked me if I wanted to switch to another operator. I said "sure", if it will help process this faster.

The only thing I am trying to say is, I know I am good at english. I mix threads up once in a while.

On a funny note, whilst my mouth was frozen from the dentist and I had things attached to my molars, a tune came on the radio. I said, isn't that Pat Benatar?

Probably sounded more like "ifn't twat bat benltor?" The hygienist was googling already the tune on you tube.

Ended up we had a great day, all three of us singing "I need a hero" I almost broke a rib. She kidded her boss cuz she had to go see to anesthesia for another patient.

Hard to grin when your face is frozen. This went all over the clinic, kids alike.

I need a hero, well she is a blond. I said "kno vway" with the stainless steel shyte hanging out of my mouth.

Then the doctor, god bless her (if I believe in one), said try to say "Bonnie Tyler"

Now that my english is out there, both girls asked me to come back for my next appointment with a fresh new 1980's mix. I don't think they will like what I was listening to back then.

I must say, that was a most refreshing human experience.
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