Exhaust Manifold gasket replacements

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MAKE: chevy
MODEL:p-30 Motorhome chassis
YEAR: 1982
: 454 CID
Minor exhaust leak at rear of right exhaust manifold, annoying noise. Purchased the best set of Fel-Pro exhaust manifold gaskets.

When I went to install them, noted the oil dip stick from the crankcase goes up through an aperture in the exhaust pipe, clear up to the top of the underbody and forward over the radiator.

While I have removed dipsticks before, the short ones, would need at least 18" of clearance, but only have about an inch because Pace Arrow built a motor home on top of it. Am I missing something here?

For now, just patched that hole with Permatex exhaust sealant, like a cement, suppose to withstand 2,000*F. How long it will last is a good question.

Just a flat piece of cast iron that if is had a slot in it would be no problem, kind of impossible to cut a slot, can barely get my hands in there.

That gasket between the manifold and heat riser was also history leaving a 1/16" gap creating a ton of noise. No matter how you wire brush off the threads, soak them with PB Blaster, a simple twist of the wrench will break those studs off, three of them.

Would have been a real easy job with the manifold on my bench, but had to drill them out in the vehicle and retap the holes. That was a miserable job. With the heat riser in my hands, removed that vane and plug the hole. This goes way back, do very little to increase the warmup time, but if stay closed, can sure burn up a carb in a hurry. Had to put it back in, has the flange for the exhaust pipe.
One solution is to purchased a standard dipstick and tube for around 9 bucks and cut that long one out of it. Would just have to remove the engine cover to check it.
Also running a long pipe from the engine to under that small hood. Takes forever to pour engine oil in there. Much quicker to remove the engine cover, pull the PCV out and pour it in that hole.

At first I hooked a hose to a funnel, but since my skyhook wasn't working, had to stand there and hold it. Can also remove that, hose is in the way for other maintenance items, sometimes convenience items can be a strong inconvenience. AT dipstick is on a short tube, sure took care of this on newer stuff, just got rid of it.