Ford F250 Engine stalling

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MAKE: Ford
YEAR: 1996
MILES: 163000
ENGINE: 7.3L Superduty Vin F

"NO codes are or have been set" Engine stalling after driving about 2-3 miles. Fuel Filter was changed to address stalling issue and would not start after filter change. I became involved at this point (never worked on one before) and decided to remove the filter to make sure it was installed correctly. The filter bowel was empty so I added fuel to the bowel and put the cap on. Engine did start then and ran for about an hour at idle and thru a couple loops around the parking lot. Looked good so got on the road for a 10 mile trip and engine died about every 2-3 miles. Putting fuel in the bowel would get it going again for another 2-3 miles. I suspect fuel pump of fuel line blockage but I cannot find a manual that covers this vehicle/engine setup. Can you guide me to what and how to check what needs to be done.

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Don't recall a lift pump on a 1996 vin "F". I do on a 94 vin "K" though.

Maybe they have a different name for the lift pump with that newer version "F" engine of that era with the cap cover for the filter, but I don't recall that. Just trying to help the OP locate that if he wants to. Alldata is NOT showing me a lift pump for the "F" engine.

There is however a piston actuated second stage to transfer pump for the heads to get 40-50psi to get to the rails. Could that be what you guy's are referring to for this guy's "F" engine? Here are some diagrams to help. Vin F and Vin K were both available in 94. The lift pump was not there for a 7.3l turbo in 96, unless alldata is wrong, and that wouldn't be the first time. Screenshot (130).png Screenshot (131).png
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Thank you all for your help. The first diagram Nickb2 posted match's the engine and I have other sources that refer to the pump as a Transfer pump. Again, thank you for the help.