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FORD Ranger ABS module location

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    MILES: 212000
    :4.0 v-6, auto
    DESCRIBE ISSUE.... was told I needed a ABS control module. I have no idea where this part is ?? This is a 2 wheel abs equip truck. I can get part at local parts house, but he thinks its under dash and I don't see it ?? Thanks for any help !
  2. What are the problem symptoms that make you think a new module is needed, what codes are set?
  3. Ok, not sure on codes ?? But, the ABS and BRAKE lights come on and off randomly . Sometimes together and by themselves. I took it to shop after trying different things and they told me it needed module. But, the price quoted was very high and thought I could do it myself? I just cannot locate part ?
  4. I, personally, don't know where it is on that particular vehicle; but somebody else here can advise. I am referring to the "trouble-codes" that are set when a malfunction or abnormal condition is detected by the electronic controls for the engine, transmission, brakes, etc. Most auto-parts stores will read those codes for free, just be sure they can and are looking for brake system codes as well as the basic engine ones.

    Point is, replacing any of those electronic control modules can be expensive, and maybe require some re-programming by the dealer to make the new one compatible with your exact vehicle. Let's make some effort to be sure you need a new brake module; a "second opinion" on the problem, before you go to replace it.
  5. OK, I found ABS control module. It was behind radio ? Thanks billr for your help.
  6. I agree with Billr on this one as far as parts swapping modules. The 2 wheel ABS module on this truck does not require reprogramming, however.
  7. Problem can be as simple as having a lower inflated tire on one side than the other. Or a tire that is more worn than the other, in particular with erratic operation as you are posting.

    Other typical problems are poor connectors to the ABS sensor and in particular for erratic operation. Found one in an intermediate connector between the wheel sensor and module. Did this for their own convenience because too much work to run a continuous line. Yet another problem is rust built up in the teeth itself that reduces the pulse height.

    You have three sensors, two on the front wheels the third on the driveshaft. This is what a front wheel sensor looks like.


    And the rear sensor.


    Ha, at least you don't have to replace the entire hub on some vehicles just because the sensor is defective.

    And this is what your control module looks like.


    Price is around 65 bucks if you trade in your old one. Most common problem is flux solder connections in that pin connector. These are wave soldered and these connectors have more mass than other components so don't burn off all that flux. Just a touch of an 800*F soldering iron releases a puff of smoke, than that connection is okay again. Ha, saved a ton of money by doing this in more than just an ABS module.
  8. The RABS unit should have given a code. This is not normal. Here is a snapshot of where the said module is located. Just for others who come on this thread. Screenshot (22).png

    I know this is an old thread, but I would like to know how the conclusion to change this module came about.

    There MUST have been a code. The unit would have surely set a body code or a chassis code. Anytime a ABS light is active, the unit records an event.

    Now as Nickd said, probably a bad solder joint in said unit. Not uncommon, since these rangers were a mix of mazda and detroit.

    I did fix one of these problems, again as Nickd said, with bad pin connections. However, there was a code. The scanner gave me a no communication code and I went from there and traced the wires until I was able to determine the client NEEDED a new module. Indeed, the pin connections needed resoldering, and it was later resovled AGAIN because some idiot replaced the radio with some walmart crap and in the process while tapping into the live wire for sound, caused an intermitent with the RABS module.

    All sensors where sound, and unit when tried on another truck gave the same code. It was a no communication code which needed diagnosis pronto. In 1999, the ABS or RABS unit was intigrated to the bus line and OBD protocal.

    So, I will just say it again, do not want to be an as$hole, but there MUST have been a code to come to this conclusion.
  9. After proper recollection of that code, I remembered, it was a body code B1342. Which equals a antilock brake module failure.

    I did some research on my alldata, be careful because if equipped, the daytime running lights may also short that module.
  10. Looking for my ABS Module on 1991 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0. I have looked behind glove box, behind radio, the radio has not been installed yet, on firewall in the engine compartment and have not found it yet. Does anyone have an idea where it might be?