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Forum rules?

  1. I have no idea if I am allowed to do this, but I would like to present my fathers first published book.

    If, in any way this goes against BAT forum rules, plz erase this new post/thread.
  2. My father is an inspiration for me. He taught me to teach others for free. No questions asked.

    So I would like to present my fathers book.

    But for me to ask if I can go on with this. PPl need to know my background to know my inspiration.

    Most wrenches here know I am a fighter of sorts. Mostly I fight nuts and bolt, and my mainstay is diagnostics. I am not adverse to a broken nose, and a few wow moments when I don't know how to give up in a fight.

    But I would like to applaud my father.

    Here is a link to his book.

    It is called the "The Homing Beacon of martial arts"

  3. This is what actually inspired me to be involved with this site. And why I spend a lot of time and effort here.

    I was, and still am what many may call a back bar brawler. That brought me face to face with many major decisions in my life.

    My father, through years of wisdom, dedication, and effort, became a beacon for many students.

    I humbly ask, for those inclined, buy some ink at your local print shop etc.

    The book is quite short, but takes a full life to comprehend.
  4. So, if any way, I went against forum rules, plz forward me to another forum were I can further applaud my father.

    My fighting gloves are hung up. I still itch for the high life. Last time my GF asked why I had a tooth in a knuckle, I said don't ask questions.

    That way of life for ME is very strong.

    My dad helps me to stay grounded.

    Before, I only knew action, not principle.

    This site actually help my father write this book while he tried to understand my bad intentions

    Safe to say. You don't want to meet my dad under bad circumstance. Lesson learned.

    This was actually hard for me to write, cuz I am not used to being nice and humble. Life in the fast lane doesn't really know the meaning of humble.

    Also, My English writing skills are getting better every day.

    To any admin here, if you feel the need to suppress this post/thread, copy paste and e-mail this to me with a proper forum where this will be legal.

    Thx in advance.

    BTW, my father is in red. Shihan.